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Visitors Insurance Plans with US State Restrictions: Can You Buy Them or Not?

Visitors Insurance Plans with US State Restrictions: Can You Buy Them or Not?

Some travel medical insurance plans have state restrictions, but what exactly does this mean and why do these policies restrict only a few U.S. states?

How is Insurance Regulated in the U.S.? 

Travel medical insurance is not federally regulated in the United States, so each state has its own specific set of rules and regulations regarding travel insurance. While most states allow all major travel insurance companies to sell their plans, few states such as Maryland and Washington, for example, have some restrictions for certain travel insurance policies.

Typically, state restrictions are only applicable to residents of those states or those whose mailing address is of a restricted state. This means that travelers residing outside of the U.S. whose mailing address is of a foreign country should be able to purchase plans with state restrictions.

Most importantly, travel insurance policies with state restrictions may be used in restricted states. Even though a certain policy may not be purchased in a certain state, it may still be used. For example, a traveler who is visiting a restricted state during his trip to the U.S. can still use his policy even if the policy restricts that state.

Purchasing a Plan with State Restrictions

Travel insurance plans with state restrictions may not be purchased if:

  • The mailing address provided on the application is of a restricted state; or
  • The primary destination provided is a restricted state.

Travel insurance plans with state restrictions may be purchased if:

  • The billing address provided is of a restricted state.
  • The policyholder is visiting a restricted state but didn’t purchase the plan in a restricted state.

You may also be able to purchase a policy with state restrictions as long as you are not present in the restricted states at the time of purchase.

We understand that travel insurance can be complex and want to make sure that you find the best policy to fit your needs. If you still need assistance in understanding state restrictions or any specific policy, contact our Customer Success Team.

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