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5 Reasons You Should Purchase Family Travel Insurance

5 Reasons You Should Purchase Family Travel Insurance

There’s nothing like the excitement of a family trip. Whether you’re heading on a short road trip to explore a new corner of your homeland, or hopping on a plane to visit a faraway country, family travel can be an incredibly exciting opportunity to make lifelong memories with the people who mean the most to you. But, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly prepared. In addition to the first aid kit and bottles of sunscreen, you’ll want to make sure you purchase a family travel insurance plan. Here are five reasons why a family travel insurance policy is a good idea.

#1: Your Vacation is an Investment

Family vacations can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Likewise, other costs such as amusement park tickets can add to the price. If the airline, hotel, and activities don’t refund your expenses, trip insurance reimburses all non-refundable expenses, so you don’t lose the money you invested. In this same example, trip insurance would save you thousands of dollars. With such a high level of investment, planning a large trip could end up being a gamble in the event that the trip had to be cancelled and you didn’t have insurance. 

#2: You’ll Be Protected Against Travel Plans that Go Awry

Trips and travel can get postponed or cancelled for a variety of reasons, especially when there are children involved. All it takes is one bad fall, injury, or a sudden illness to postpone the plans that you’ve spent weeks putting together. Although plane tickets and hotel reservations sometimes allow for reimbursement under certain circumstances, you don’t want to bank on those policies. Instead, trip insurance can provide you with some financial relief in case travel plans change at the last minute. Likewise, with a Cancel For Any Reason add-on, you can find relief knowing that you’ll be financially covered in the event that you need to cancel your trip for quite literally any reason.

#3: You’ll Have Coverage for Baggage Loss, Delay, or Damage

While you’re navigating your family through the airport, it can be a challenge to keep your eyes on baggage. Whether you’re dealing with lost luggage, or even worse, someone steals one of your personal items or pieces of luggage, your travel insurance will provide assistance.

Also, if your bags are delayed by your airlines and your family is left without clothes and other necessities for an extended period of time, you can file a claim to be reimbursed for replacement items that you had to purchase. However, keep in mind that the coverage amount on your policy is generally per person and not per plan.

#4: If Someone Gets Hurt on an International Trip, They Can Receive Medical Care

When you’re traveling abroad, the domestic medical care that you normally rely on will probably not be an option for you. This means that without travel insurance, you’d have to pay for any medical expenses out of pocket. Although traveling with children is a lot of fun, it also increases the risk for injury or sickness. Whether your son or daughter falls and needs stitches, or experiences something more serious, you don’t want to foot the medical bill yourself. 

Travel medical insurance will provide financial coverage in the event of an unexpected illness or accident abroad. Not only that, but your specific policy may provide a number of benefits, such as emergency evacuation and accident and sickness expenses. 

#5: If You Get Stranded, You’ll Have Options

Waiting around in an airport because of a delay or a cancellation is a pain when you’re traveling solo. But when you have your entire family (especially if younger children are involved), getting stranded can be even more stressful. Family travel insurance plans often include specific benefits for trip interruption, missed connection, or itinerary changes, meaning that you’ll be assisted in the event that your trip is changed significantly. 

Family Travel Insurance – The Smart Way to Travel 

Planning a trip for your family can be a lot of work, as there are so many moving parts that you have to figure out in order to get everything done. However, once you board the plane (or car, bus, or train), the best gift you can give yourself is the peace of mind that you and your family are covered in the case of unexpected emergencies. And that is just the start of what travel insurance can give you.