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What Trip Insurance Covers & What It Doesn’t

What Trip Insurance Covers & What It Doesn’t

While some travelers may have good luck while on their trip, such as never missing a flight and never experiencing lost luggage, most people will likely be faced with an issue while traveling at least once in their lifetime. For this reason, it is recommended to always consider purchasing trip insurance for your travels to not only give you peace of mind, but to also ensure that you’re covered in the event of the unexpected.

You may be wondering, what does trip insurance cover, and what doesn’t it cover? Let’s take a look at trip insurance coverage options and benefits.

What Trip Insurance Does & Doesn’t Cover

In the infographic below, you’ll see what exactly trip insurance does and doesn’t cover. Keep in mind that these are generalizations and that trip insurance benefits and coverage varies from plan to plan. As always, when you’re thinking about buying trip insurance, be sure to read the policy documents thoroughly before you make your purchase.

Infographic that details what trip insurance covers, what trip insurance may cover and what trip insurance doesn't cover.

Does Trip Insurance Cover Baggage Loss? 

Yes, in general! More often than not, trip insurance will cover expenses related to baggage loss, damage or delay. This could include financial reimbursement for valuables claimed as part of the policyholder’s total ‘trip cost’ as well as coverage for a change of clothes and other necessities. If an American-run airline causes your baggage to be lost, delayed or damaged there are a number of things they should be able to provide for you, including an overnight bag with basic hygiene items. For information about handling lost baggage at the airport, check out our post here. Before you purchase trip insurance make sure to read the policy docs so you understand how the insurer’s baggage loss policy works. 

Woman searching for luggage at the airport.

Does Trip Insurance Cover Intoxication? 

No. Neither an accident caused from intoxication nor alcohol poisoning would be covered by trip insurance as consuming alcohol is deemed high-risk activity.  

Does Trip Insurance Cover Emergency Medical Evacuation? 

Yes! Depending on the trip insurance plan you have, it may cover emergency medical evacuation, a complicated procedure that would cause an uninsured traveler upwards of $100,000. If you’re going on a cruise or traveling to a more remote, hard-to-access destination, you’ll want to consider trip insurance with an emergency medical evacuation. It could literally save you thousands. What’s more, if your policy includes Sickness & Accident coverage, urgent medical care could be covered up to $500,000.

Woman falling down stairs while on a cruise.

Does Trip Insurance Cover Dental Care?  

No. Unfortunately, unless the dental work is caused by a more significant injury or illness, it wouldn’t be covered by trip insurance. So while you’ll be able to get the care you need, you should expect to foot the bill. It’s also worth noting that prescription medications are generally not covered by trip insurance. Any prescriptions filled for antibiotics or painkillers would need to be paid by the policyholder.

Woman sitting in the dentist's chair looking at an x-ray.

Does Trip Insurance Cover illnesses?  

It depends. Plan coverage will vary from policy to policy, but, in general, under the Accident & Sickness benefit new illnesses and injuries requiring urgent medical care could be covered up to the $500,000 limit.

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Does Trip Insurance Cover Trip Interruptions? 

Yes, if the policyholder has the Interruption For Any Reason insurance add-on. Basic trip insurance might reimburse the couple if their interruption is for one of a limited number of covered reasons like sudden and severe inclement weather. Travelers can add Interruption For Any Reason coverage to their standard policy and be covered for expenses related to trip interruption caused for any reason. 

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Trip insurance covers a number of other benefits including costs related to missed connections (plane or ship connections) trip delay, passport assistance, and rental car collision. You can read more about the hidden benefits of trip insurance here.             

What does VisitorsCoverage Insurance Cover? 

If you’re ready to buy trip insurance before your next trip or just have some questions about what trip insurance plans through VisitorsCoverage cover, our award-winning Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance agents is happy to help.