Travel Insurance – There is nothing called “Full Coverage” plan

If you are looking for Travel Insurance for USA that covers EVERYTHING , then let me tell you, no such plan exists anywhere in the world.

There is nothing called “Full Coverage” plan that provides 100% coverage for all your risks. Exclusions are kept in a policy to mitigate the most common and potential risk for the insurance company. This is how the insurance company can keep the premium low, remain in business, and not pay out more than what they earn. Travel Insurance is no exception to this , the most common exclusion being pre-existing conditions and preventative care.

Then why buy travel insurance for USA? The fundamental purpose of insurance is to cover for unplanned and unforeseen risks. Protecting yourself is a wise thing to do, especially while traveling abroad, since you are more vulnerable to unforeseen health hazards, accidents, and travel emergencies.

So what you should be looking for in a travel insurance?

Focus on what is most important for you. For example: If you are planning to go on a cruise, or mountaineering trip, opt for a plan that covers for medical evacuation, so in case of sudden emergency situation you could be evacuated. If you are traveling abroad with potentially life-threatening pre-existing condition, consider getting a plan that covers for repatriation of mortal remains, if sad and unexpected death does occur.

Every plan is unique. Each plan has different features which may suit or may not suit your situation.

You can use this great Suggest A Plan tool to analyze your situation and pick a international travel insurance plan that suits your needs. If you have any additional questions about coverage, email us at

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