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CoverAmerica-Gold Plan Unveils New Enhancements

CoverAmerica-Gold Plan Unveils New Enhancements

Updated July 28, 2021

**This plan has been updated! Read all about the enhancements made to the CoverAmerica-Gold plan.

The best plan for travelers to the United States is now even better! Our exclusive CoverAmerica–Gold plan has received some exciting new updates to ensure that VisitorsCoverage always offers the most competitive coverage for travelers worldwide.

Benefits of CoverAmerica-Gold

COVID-19 coverage & influenza vaccination coverage

The recent updates to the CoverAmerica-Gold include comprehensive COVID-19 coverage and influenza vaccination coverage to protect you during flu season.

Reduced urgent care consultation copays

For a selected $50,000 policy maximum, urgent care copay is $25. If the selected policy maximum is $100,000 or higher, urgent care copay is only $20. This makes access to urgent care consultations easier and more affordable for travelers.

Increased border entry protection

For international travelers visiting the US on a B-2 visa for tourism, vacation or visiting family and friends, CoverAmerica–Gold now provides up to $550 for a common carrier change fee if the insured is denied entry into the U.S.

Free discount card for prescriptions and other medical services

The discount card exclusively from VisitorsCoverage can offer travelers discounts on prescriptions and dental and vision services.

These new and improved benefits, along with CoverAmerica–Gold’s existing comprehensive coverage make this plan the ideal choice for visitors to the U.S.