Is Dental Coverage Included in Your Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel medical insurance covers many unforeseen medical incidents and emergencies, but does travel insurance cover dental? Tooth pain and other dental emergencies can make traveling uncomfortable and is not something that can be put off until returning home, but like healthcare, dental insurance is not free outside of your home country. If you encounter sudden tooth pain or other dental emergencies while abroad, your domestic dental insurance plan will likely not cover.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Dental?

Some visitors insurance plans provide limited dental coverage, but it is usually only a small fraction of the policy maximum and may only cover limited dental care and dental emergencies. Most comprehensive travel insurance plans provide dental coverage for acute emergency dental treatment such as broken teeth, sudden tooth pain, and accidental teeth injury to sound and natural teeth.

What Does Travel Dental Insurance Cover?

Travel medical insurance typically covers dental injuries and emergencies that require immediate attention. Travel dental coverage may include the following benefits for sound and natural teeth:

  • Teeth injuries
  • Sudden dental emergency resulting in unexpected pain
  • Broken teeth
  • Necessary prescription medications, anesthesia, and X-rays up to your travel insurance policy’s dental coverage limit

Travel Insurance Dental Coverage Restrictions & Limitations

Like other medical benefits, dental coverage may be limited depending on your travel insurance policy. The following restrictions regarding dental coverage may apply to your travel medical plan:

  • Travel medical insurance plans usually only provide limited dental coverage, ranging from $100 to $1,000 on average for dental emergencies and accidental teeth injuries.
  • Routine care, dental bridges, false teeth replacement, and damage to braces and dentures are typically not covered by travel insurance polices.
  • Some plans may not cover teeth pain that is not related to an injury.
  • With some travel insurance policies, dental treatment must be completed before the traveler returns to his home country.

If you have a travel medical insurance plan that covers dental and you receive dental treatment while abroad, you may have to pay for your treatment upfront and file a claim for reimbursement. For this reason, it’s important that you save all documents and dentist bills from your treatment.

If you’re traveling to the USA, you can learn more about dental and vision coverage and if you really need these insurance benefits for your overseas trip.

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