What Is Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance & What Does It Cover?

What Is Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance & What Does It Cover?
  • Travelers must purchase CFAR insurance within 15-21 days (depending on the plan) of making their first trip payment or deposit.
  • Trips must be canceled at least 48 hours ahead of the departure date for policyholders to qualify for reimbursement.
  • Plans are available for elderly travelers up to 99 years of age, but plans and coverage may be limited for certain ages.
  • Reimbursement is distributed according to the amount specified in the policy, typically between 50% and 75% of covered costs.

Many travelers plan out and book their trips well in advance of their scheduled departure date, establishing the full itinerary and all of their transportation and lodging arrangements in advance.

However, no matter how well or how far in advance you think through the details, certain events or factors may arise and get in the way of your plans. When the unexpected happens, you'll want to be prepared. Even if you have the foresight to purchase trip insurance, basic trip cancellation insurance only goes so far.

If you have to cancel your trip for a reason that wouldn’t otherwise be a covered reason under a basic trip insurance policy, the Cancel For Any Reason add-on benefit can help you recoup financial losses associated with your trip.

What Is Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance?

Cancel For Any Reason, or CFAR, is an optional add-on benefit offered for select trip insurance plans that expands the benefits of basic trip cancellation insurance.

Trip cancellation insurance covers specific, unforeseen incidents like injuries or illnesses, natural disasters, lost passports or other covered issues beyond the insured's control.

Cancel For Any Reason allows you to cancel your trip plans for any reason at all and still recoup a portion of your prepaid and nonrefundable travel expenses.

The CFAR benefit is only available on trip insurance plans. It is not available for travel medical insurance plans.

What Does Cancel For Any Reason Cover?

In general, Cancel For Any Reason coverage is a supplemental option to add to traditional trip insurance plans, and can help travelers get reimbursed for costs not otherwise covered in their regular cancellation policy.

Money spent for things like pre-paid trip deposits, transportation or lodging doesn't have to be lost just because you have to cancel your trip for a reason not covered by regular trip cancellation insurance.

By adding CFAR insurance to your trip insurance, you're giving yourself the freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing you can cancel your plans for any reason (even if you just don't feel like going) and still recoup your insured financial expenses.

How Much Does Cancel For Any Reason Insurance Cost?

Cancel For Any Reason can be added to your trip insurance plan for an additional cost. Typically, it costs up to 50% of your premium. For example, if your trip insurance premium is $100, the CFAR benefit may be $50.

Ultimately, the cost will depend upon the plan you choose and your total insured prepaid and nonrefundable trip costs.

How Does Cancel For Any Reason Insurance Work?

When purchasing your trip insurance plan, you can add on the CFAR benefit. There is typically a time sensitive period to purchase this benefit, usually within 15-21 days from your initial trip deposit date.

If you have the CFAR benefit, you can cancel your trip for any reason up to 48 hours ahead of your scheduled departure. You will be able to apply for reimbursement of between 50% to 75% (depending on the plan) of eligible nonrefundable and prepaid costs that you insured, as per your policy’s wording.

Is Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Worth It?

Cancel For Any Reason insurance can be an essential benefit for travelers. Here are some of the key reasons why you shouldn’t travel without Cancel For Any Reason coverage.

CFAR Provides Complete Coverage

There are different kinds of trip and travel insurance that provide coverage for varying events or issues. Trip delay, trip interruption and trip cancellation insurance can support travelers if their departure or return is delayed, if they need to end their trip unexpectedly or if they need to cancel for specific, covered reasons.

Cancel For Any Reason insurance comes as an optional addition to these traditional travel insurance plans, and can expand coverage beyond what's provided by other types of travel and trip insurance.

Most Cancellations Happen In Advance

Most cancellations take place well in advance of the departure date. In fact, about 30% of the time, trip cancellations take place 60 to 90 days ahead of the trip date. Cancel for Any Reason insurance comes in handy in these instances.

Travel Always Comes With Uncertainty

It's a smart move to plan ahead, but it's impossible to consider any and every situation. Sometimes, unforeseen events demand your presence, no matter if you've had a vacation planned for months. In other instances, you may simply feel too stressed to get away.

Stress is a big reason people end up canceling their trips. While these instances aren't usually covered by a regular trip insurance policy, travelers can receive reimbursement for costs they might otherwise lose due to scheduling issues with their Cancel For Any Reason insurance.

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