Green Card Holders: What Kind of Health Insurance Can You Buy?

Top Questions Related to Green Card Holders insurance

Q. I am a green card holder. What kind of health insurance options I have?

Depending on your age and travel plans or period of stay in the United States, you can apply for
a) short term travel insurance,
b) US domestic insurance or
You may be eligible for long term plans like Medicare. For more information on eligibility, read this article:
Insurance for Green Card or New Immigrants to the U.S.

Q.Am I eligible for Medicare or any other Government insurance plans?

If you are a Green card holder and worked in the US for 40 quarters, you are eligible for Medicare. If you are a Green card holder and have established permanent residency in the US for 5 years, you can purchase the Medicare from the government, with a monthly premium, even if you have not worked in the US.
You can find more information on Medicare Eligibility here: Medicare vs Medicaid

Q. Can I include my green card holder parents into my current US insurance plan?

No. You can include only qualified family members (i.e. your spouse and dependent children) in your health insurance.

Q. I have sponsored green card to my parents, who lives with me; am I responsible for their medical bills ?

You may be responsible to pay their medical bills. During the Green Card sponsorship, you might have been required to sign an affidavit (such as USCIS Form I-864) with the oath that you would be responsible for their medical expenses. Also, many hospital and medical service provider may insist you to sign a letter of "Guarantor" before providing any medical services for the patient. So if you are guarantor, you may be responsible for the bills.

Check with your legal advisor to get more specific information about your liabilities towards the immigrants you have sponsored.

Q. I do not have any income. What are my options?

Business trip insurance is ideal for people taking multiple trips abroad during the year.

Q. I am a green card holder. Can I buy travel medical plans?

Yes, there are certain products that may be suitable for green card holders. You can compare and purchase travel medical insuranceonline here at: Health Insurance for new Immigrants Or contact our licensed expert Insurance Consultants for assistance in finding a plan for which you are eligible.

Q. Although I am a permanent resident (green card holder), I spend a significant time outside of USA, what kind of insurance I should buy?

There are certain insurance policies that can provide coverage in this situation. Eligibility depends on many factors.

Contact our licensed expert Insurance Consultants who can understand your situation and assist you find a suitable policy for you.

Q. Can I have one insurance policy which covers me all over the world ?

Yes. Contact our licensed expert Insurance Consultants to know if you are eligible for one such policy. They will understand your situation and assist you in finding a suitable policy.

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