Patriot Exchange Insurance
PPO Network, and Providers Directory

Inside the US

If you have Patriot Exchange Insurance, you might prefer going to the provider listed in this provider directory to take full advantage of plan benefits. Remember to mention UnitedHealthcare as your PPO provider when you visit the hospital since this is the name that is recognized by the provider.

Outside the US

There's no PPO network outside the United States, but you may use the IMG International Provider Access database to easily locate a healthcare provider near you while using your Patriot Exchange insurance policy outside the U.S. You may visit a doctor or hospital listed in the database or any other doctor or hospital of your choice. Pay for the needed services and file a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement.

If you're ready to purchase a policy from Patriot Exchange travel insurance, you can simply click on the button below. p> If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team

Additional Information about Patriot Exchange Insurance

Disclaimer: Acceptance of a particular insurance with a particular service provider is subject to the service provider's terms of service with Policyholder's insurance company or PPO network. You can always call the number given on the insurance ID card for any assistance.