International Major Medical Insurance:
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International Major Medical Insurance is a visitor insurance plan which offers travel insurance coverage and emergency services to individuals and families traveling inside and outside their Home Country. After the deductible, program pays 100% up to the selected policy maximum.


International Major Medical Insurance

Underwriters: Lloyd's
Reviews and Ratings
  • International Major Medical Insurance has an AM Best rating of A and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London.
  • International Major Medical Insurance is administrated by US based insurance provider Petersen International Underwriters, a US based reputed insurance administrator.
  • Licensed and regulated by Dept. of insurance in United States.
  • All claims are handled in USA
  • International Major Medical insurance participates in the First Health PPO network with thousands of reputed Doctors, medical experts and hospitals throughout the USA.
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  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Standard & Poor's Rating: A+ (Strong)
  • Underwriter: Lloyd's
  • Administrator: Petersen International Underwriters
  • Best Suitable for: International tourists visiting USA and Green Card Holders.
  • International Major Medical Insurance Reviews and Ratings: Rated A (Excellent) by AM Best and A+ by Standard & Poor's.
  • Eligibility (Who can buy this plan?): A non US citizen or non US resident alien seeking coverage in USA .Coverage is also available for foreign nationals employed by a US company who reside in their home country as well as foreign nationals employed by a US company working outside their home country.
What's Good
  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage Plan at very affordable price.
  • Provides $100,000 policy maximum for 70+.
  • A Foreign National working for a USA company in their home country or outside their home country can also avail the coverage.
  • War & Terrorism Coverage
  • Deductible is once in a policy period
  • Optional Hazardous Sports & Activities Rider
What's Not So Good
  • High Deductible options.
  • Maximum 11 month policy period.
  • International Major Medical Insurance coverage is subject to approval.
  • Coverage is reimbursement based.
How It Works