CoverAmerica- Gold Insurance:
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CoverAmerica-Gold offers travel insurance coverage and medical emergency services to visitors to the USA.
Cover America Gold Insurance is a comprehensive coverage visitor insurance policy, administration by Seven Corners. If In-Network providers directly bill the insurance company.


CoverAmerica-Gold Insurance

Underwriters: Sirius International
Reviews and Ratings
  • Licensed and regulated by the United States Department of Insurance.
  • All claims are handled in USA.
  • CoverAmerica-Gold insurance participates in the United Healthcare PPO network, providing you thousands of reputed doctors, medical experts and hospitals throughout the US. Provider can directly bill to the insurance company and can be cashless transactions.
  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Underwriter:Sirius International
  • Administrator: IMG (A US based reputed insurance administrator)
  • Best Suitable for: International tourists visiting USA.
  • CoverAmerica-Gold Reviews and Ratings:Rated A by AM Best.
  • Eligibility (Who can buy this travel insurance?): Non-US Citizens traveling to the USA.
What's Good
  •  COVID-19 Included
  • Influenza vaccination coverage
  • Low-cost Comprehensive coverage travel insurance
  • CoverAmerica Gold is Renewable and cancellable.
  • Urgent care copay $15
  • Extensive PPO Network
  • International Travel Coverage
  • Pre Existing Medical Conditions Coverage: Plan offers up to the policy maximum for coverage of acute onset of pre-existing conditions for visitors under the age of 69 years. For visitors with age between 70 to 79 years, the coverage is up to $30,000.
  • High Coverage for people above 70
  • Coverage for natural disaster: Up to $200 per day for 5 days, for replacement accommodations if you are displaced due to a natural disaster.
What's Not So Good
  • Plan cannot be purchased by US citizens or Green card holders, coming to the USA for a short trip
  • Covers only in USA and trips from USA to a few South and North American countries
How It Works
  • In the USA, within the PPO network and trips outside USA: plan pays 100% for all eligible medical expenses up to the policy maximum.
  • Outside PPO network, the plan pays 100% of URC for all eligible medical expenses.
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Manage your CoverAmerica-Gold Insurance Policy Online

Easily manage your CoverAmerica- Gold insurance policy online by logging on to the My Policy to renew your CoverAmerica-Gold policy, download your policy ID card, make changes to your policy, cancel your policy, and find helpful information about your plan. To log on, simply enter your policy information as requested.

Where and How to Buy CoverAmerica Gold Visitor Insurance?

You can purchase the plan online.
You will need the Passport Number and Date of Birth of the Insured and valid credit card information to purchase the plan online.