Patriot Group Exchange Insurance PPO Network and Providers Directory

Inside the United States

If you have Patriot Group Exchange Insurance, take full advantage of plan benefits by choosing a provider in the provider directory below. Remember to mention UnitedHealthcare as your PPO provider when you visit the hospital. Hospitals and other medical providers will recognize the name.

Outside the United States

There is no PPO network outside the United States, but you can easily locate a healthcare provider outside of the U.S. by using the International Provider Access database. When using your Patriot Group Exchange insurance policy outside of the U.S., you may visit any doctor or hospital, pay accordingly and file a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement.

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Additional Information about Patriot Exchange Insurance:

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Disclaimer: Acceptance of a particular insurance with a particular service provider is subject to the service provider's terms of service with Policyholder's insurance company or PPO network. You can always call the number given on the insurance ID card for any assistance.