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Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance
What is it?

Trip cancellation insurance helps travelers recoup certain prepaid expenses if they have to cancel their travels.

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As global tourism increases, so does the demand for trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable financial penalties or losses incurred as a result of cancelling a trip for unforeseen reasons.This includes reimbursement for nonrefundable expenses such as flight tickets and tours. Trip cancellation insurance protects both business and leisure trips, organized or independent.

What Is Trip Cancellation Insurance?

A trip cancellation policy will compensate you for your prepaid, forfeited, and non-refundable charges if you are unable to take a trip due to an unanticipated circumstance. Trip insurance covers costs associated with airline bankruptcies, flight delays, airline cancellations, tour cancellations, lost luggage, and lost hotel reservations.

Limited medical and health coverage is available with trip cancellation plans. Most people will purchase two separate travel insurance policies: one travel medical insurance and one trip cancellation insurance.

In addition, most trip cancellation policies are only available to U.S. residents traveling inside and outside of the U.S. Few plans are available to non-U.S. residents traveling outside of their home country that offer decent medical coverage.

Trip cancellation insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Trip delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip cancellation
  • Missed connection
  • Medical coverage

Why You Need Trip Cancellation Coverage

Whether the basic trip cancellation coverage that comes with trip insurance, or the more expansive coverage that CFAR insurance offers, it’s wise to get some type of trip cancellation insurance, especially for the following reasons:

Expensive Trips

If you're going on an expensive trip, it's always a wise decision to insure yourself in case you need to cancel the trip. This will help you protect yourself against the financial loss that you might face due to cancellation of the trip.

Travel Plans Made in Advance

If you've booked your travel tickets far in advance of your departure date, the chances of an unforeseen incident may be higher.


It can be hard to cancel a cruise and still recoup prepaid expenses. Trip cancellation coverage would give you peace of mind, knowing that you're covered against unforeseen incidents.

Traveling With Kids

Kids can get sick unexpectedly. If you have to cancel your trip due to a child's illness, insurance can protect your investment.

Important Reminders About Trip Cancellation Insurance

It's important to keep in mind the following when it comes to trip cancellation insurance:

  • Trip cancellation is only available with trip insurance, not travel medical insurance.
  • Most of the plans are available for U.S. or Canadian residents
  • The insurance policy covers you for 30 days, beyond which an additional per-day fee is charged
  • Basic trip coverage generally includes trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage loss/delay, emergency medical coverage
  • The pricing and cost of a trip insurance policy depends on the trip cost and age of the traveler

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Very straightforward process, website navigation was excellent as well and can’t beat the price. Thanks!!


Very easy to compare between options and choose from. Was able to complete the purchase in 10 minutes.


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