If you want to travel with ample coverage (COVID-19 coverage included), be sure to add travel and trip insurance to your packing list. Travel medical insurance can help with medical costs if you contract COVID-19 while traveling abroad.

Buying travel insurance for trips more than 50 miles from home can help you recoup some prepaid trip expenses in case you have to cancel or postpone your travel plans. Students studying abroad during the pandemic have a number of plan options. Travel medical insurance and trip insurance are essential for your health and safety during these uncertain times.

Can Travel Insurance Help Protect Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Whether you travel during the pandemic or will be traveling post-pandemic, there are two major ways trip and travel medical insurance can help.

Travel Medical Insurance for COVID-19

Suffering an illness or injury while away from your home isn't on anyone's itinerary. Unfortunately, these situations happen. The good news is that Travel Medical Insurance plans can help cover the cost of medical care. Some plans cover COVID-19 like any other new illness, while others might have more specifications. Be sure to review plan documents before purchasing a plan.

Travel medical insurance plans can help cover costs associated with the following situations:

  • checkmark Hospitalization due to COVID-19
  • checkmark Medical treatment and care
  • checkmark Ongoing testing and medical supplies
  • checkmark Medical evacuation and Repatriation
  • checkmark And much more

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Trip Insurance for COVID-19

Even if you're eager to travel again, it can be hard to feel confident about your travel investment when COVID-19 cases are surging. Trip Insurance, particularly plans with Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, can help cover you for non-refundable expenses if you need to change your travel plans.

Trip insurance can help you recoup costs if your trip is impacted by COVID-19 in many ways including:

  • checkmark Trip cancelation or postponement
  • checkmark Flight changes or delays
  • checkmark Changes to your trip literary if a traveler contracts COVID-19 or there is an outbreak at your destination
  • checkmark And much more

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FAQs: Coronavirus and Travel Insurance

Have questions about COVID-19 and how it can affect your travel plans and insurance needs? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find out more about how travel insurance can help protect you and your loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.


Coronavirus Coverage and What to Expect From Different Travel Medical Insurance Providers

Depending on the underwriter and insurance policy, benefits and exclusions for COVID-19 may vary.

If you are considering purchasing a travel medical insurance plan, take a look at these providers so that you understand what the corresponding plans will offer you should you need medical or travel assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Coverage Insurance Policies:

Still Have Questions?

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