Stay Safe with These COVID-19 Travel Tips

Stay Safe with These COVID-19 Travel Tips

The number one reason to buy travel insurance is safety. In the era of COVID-19, travel safety has never been more important. Travel insurance ensures that if you contract an illness (like Covid) or sustain an injury while abroad, you’ll get the medical care you need at a price you can handle. When you buy travel insurance you’re really buying peace of mind that if your travels go awry, neither you or your loved ones will suffer needless expenses. But travel insurance isn’t the only Covid safety precaution to take while traveling. Here’s a quick list of Covid safety tips to keep you safe so you can focus on your amazing trip.

Travel Tips to Stay Safe

Before you travel:

  • Get fully-vaccinated (this means waiting two weeks after your last required vaccine dose to travel)
  • Take viral test one to three days before your trip
  • If you were exposed to Covid, are sick, or test positive for the disease, do not travel
  • Follow all entry requirements for your destination country and be sure you have all required documentation
  • Create a packing list specifically for Covid precautions, include thermometers, sanitizer, extra masks
  • Check with hotels and airlines to ensure that they have Covid-safe protocols in place like contactless payment, required masking, and safety protocol if a guest falls ill
  • Avoid places where Covid is surging by proactively adjusting your itinerary

During your travels:

  • Wear a mask
  • Practice social distancing protocols
  • Wash your hands often
  • Be vigilant. If you experience any symptoms, take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you
  • Avoid touching handrails and other frequently-touched items
  • Limit your public stops

After you travel:

  • Get tested three to five days after you return to your home country
  • Stay home and self-quarantine for seven days
  • If you don't get tested, it's best to self-quarantine for at least ten days

Traveling to and from the United States:

  • If you have a return flight to the U.S., you must get a viral test no more than three days before your flight, and the test results have to be negative
  • Keep your test results on hand in case you're asked for them
  • Follow all United States guidelines and airline protocols
  • Ensure you meet the entry requirements for your destination country before you leave the U.S.
  • Follow all the safety protocols set up in your destination country while you’re there, but be sure you meet the U.S. entry requirements before you board any U.S.-bound plane

While Covid may have changed the way we travel, it doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it less. By following safety recommendations by authoritative entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) and following country-specific travel guidelines, your trip can still be as fun as it is safe. And remember, if you feel uneasy at all about traveling or think you might have been exposed to Covid, the best thing you can do is stay home.