VisitorsCoverage Advises Travelers as International Border Re-openings Strain Travel Industry


VisitorsCoverage, a global travel insurance marketplace, advised travelers that beginning in November, they should expect overbookings, flight cancelations and delays, long lines at the airport, and more due to the upcoming surge in demand for both domestic and international travel."While The Biden administration’s decision to lift the ban on international travel is welcomed and long-awaited by travelers and the industry alike," said Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of VisitorsCoverage. "It's also a strong indicator that the global efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 are working. However, it would be unrealistic to assume that international travel will return to normal immediately after a year and a half of closed borders."

International Holiday Travel in 2021 Likely to Be More Stressful

As a general rule there are many uncertainties when it comes to international holiday travel, but this year in particular, travelers face even more unpredictability.In fact, the day after the Biden administration set a reopening date, Skyscanner, a travel booking site, recorded an 800% surge in reservations. The sudden influx of international travelers coupled with industry-wide staffing shortages will put stress on the entire travel infrastructure, from Airline CEOs to rideshare drivers. This will create additional frustrations for travelers, but careful planning can reduce this stress.While travelers race to schedule flights, some airlines are already experiencing wide-spread delays and cancelations. Hotel bookings and vacation home rentals are on the rise. The sudden surge in demand for everything from tourist visas to food at the airport means shortages, long lines, and overbookings for international holiday travelers. As airlines and hotels grapple with limited staff, common travel challenges like weather-related delays and cancellations will cause even more stress for travelers.

Travelers Can Reduce Their Travel Anxiety

These challenges shouldn’t deter travelers from international travel; it just means that they should use extra caution.“With so much beyond travelers’ control today, the best recourse is to focus on what can be controlled,'' adds Shrivastava. “The key to traveling during the busy holiday period will be for travelers to carefully plan trips in advance, set realistic expectations and find ways to manage their travel anxiety.”

Plan for the Unexpected

One of the best practical tools for reducing travel stress is trip insurance. Trip insurance with Cancel For Any Reason coverage can limit financial impact if flights are canceled or delayed, baggage is lost or damaged, or travelers simply do not wish to stand in long lines with no social distancing as they wait in the airport for everything from security and COVID-19 vaccination checks to flight information and fast-food options.

Get Covered for Medical Emergencies

Travel medical insurance can give travelers a peace of mind that lasts throughout the entire trip. Depending on your destination, a suitable travel medical insurance policy may even be required. For those traveling to the United States, travel medical insurance may not be mandatory, but is still recommended as medical costs in the U.S. are high. If travelers incur an injury or contract an illness like COVID-19 while abroad, a comprehensive travel medical plan can help defray these costs.About VisitorsCoverage Inc:VisitorsCoverage helps travelers make informed decisions about their travel safety options. We’re on a mission to simplify the complex world of travel insurance through the power of technology. Our award-winning innovative market-demand products and customer success team have helped over a million global travelers in over 175 countries get the travel insurance coverage they need. Our extensive portfolio of top-rated Covid-covered products includes bestselling CoverAmerica-Gold, ChoiceAmerica, EuropeTravelPlus and SafeCruise.