Travel Insurance & COVID-19 Quarantine Coverage

Travel Insurance & COVID-19 Quarantine Coverage

There’s always some risk involved when you travel, no matter where you go. But because of COVID-19 and its other contagious variants, traveling during the pandemic presents a new set of risks. Perhaps you’ve wondered what happens if you were to contract Covid while you travel. Does travel insurance cover a Covid test? Does travel insurance cover quarantine? Luckily, travel insurance has adapted to expand its coverage for Covid coverage, quarantine included.

If you’re familiar with travel medical insurance, you know that it provides coverage for medical expenses abroad in the event that you become sick or injured. But what about a quarantine? If you’re forced to quarantine in a foreign country, the costs can be higher than you might expect. Although some countries allow you to choose the location for your quarantine, countries such as Australia require that you stay in state-mandated facilities. Staying in these facilities for 14 days can cost upwards of $2500. Even if you choose your own location, the cost of meals for 14 days is a considerable expense that you might not have expected.

Will Travel Insurance Cover Quarantine?

Due to the Covid pandemic, many plans now offer Covid coverage as part of their coverage options. If you select a plan with Covid coverage and Covid quarantine indemnity benefits, then yes, your travel insurance policy will cover quarantine.

What exactly does Covid coverage mean? Although the Covid vaccine is not covered by travel insurance policies, Covid coverage refers to the test and treatments of Covid, as well as being ordered to quarantine.

What's Required to Receive Reimbursement for Quarantine?

In order for you to receive Covid coverage from your travel insurance plan, a few things are required:

  • You have to test positive for Covid after the policy effective date.
  • You have to possess a travel insurance policy with specific insurance coverage for quarantining for Covid.
  • Everything has to be ordered by a medical physician in order for you to be covered. This includes tests, treatment, as well as being ordered to quarantine.

What this means is that you can’t receive Covid treatment without having tested positive for the disease. Likewise, you can’t order a test on your own accord and have it qualify for quarantine; everything needs to go through a medical physician.

What If I Visit a Country with a Mandatory Quarantine?

Travel insurance policies that offer Covid coverage generally won’t cover you in the event of a mandatory quarantine issued by a destination in the absence of a positive PCR test. If you’re visiting somewhere that requires a mandatory quarantine regardless of vaccination status or test result, you'll be required to pay for those costs on your own. If you happen to test positive for Covid while you’re traveling, your travel insurance will apply, but will only cover the costs related to Covid.

Which Travel Medical Plans Cover Quarantine?

For travel to the U.S.:

CoverAmerica-Gold includes Covid coverage and offer a daily rate for those who need to quarantine due to contracting Covid after the policy effective date. The plan offers comprehensive medical benefits for U.S. visitors at a competitive rate and includes many benefits that can't be found on any other plan for U.S. visitors. CoverAmerica-Gold was also the first in the travel insurance industry to feature a benefit for COVID-19 screenings.

For international travel excluding the U.S.:

Atlas International includes Covid coverage and offers a specific Covid quarantine indemnity benefit. This plan offers a large range of medical benefits, and is an ideal plan for tourists, students, expats, missionaries, visitors and more.

No matter where you’re planning on traveling, you should consider purchasing travel insurance with Covid coverage. Not only does having travel insurance protect you against the unexpected, but Covid-specific coverage means you’ll be covered in case you happen to contract the disease. Give yourself peace of mind by making Covid travel insurance part of your travel planning.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover for Covid?

If you purchase Covid travel insurance, benefits generally include:

  • Coverage for medical emergencies
  • Trip interruption
  • Coverage for medical evacuation in an emergency

Likewise, travelers have the option to add a Cancel for Any Reason benefit to their Covid travel insurance policy. This is an optional add-on, but allows for complete flexibility when it comes to cancelling travel. If you have to cancel your trip for whatever reason (whether it's traditionally covered by an insurance company or not), this add-on allows you to receive reimbursements up to 75% of any pre-paid costs.