What is the Best Travel Insurance for COVID-19?

What is the Best Travel Insurance for COVID-19?

When traveling in today's current times when COVID-19 is still prevalent, you may want to consider purchasing COVID-19 travel insurance. COVID-19 cases are still abundant, and traveling via airplane can increase your chances of getting ill. Plus, there are also risks involved when traveling internationally. Purchasing travel medical insurance can cover you in the event that you contract COVID-19 while on your trip, and the costs associated with your care. Lots of travel medical insurance plans cover COVID-19. While it's great to have so many options for Covid travel insurance during the pandemic, it can also make the decision process more complex. If you're one of the many travelers trying to decide on the best COVID-19 travel insurance, VisitorsCoverage can help make your decision easier.

What's the Best Travel Insurance for Covid?

The best travel insurance plans for COVID-19 vary depending on your needs. However, there is one plan that is incredibly popular for general coverage and Covid-specific coverage.


If you're traveling from your home country to the United States, CoverAmerica-Gold is a good choice for Covid coverage. CoverAmerica-Gold, often known as CAG insurance, is a comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage. Since its inception, Coverage has been a reliable option for visitors to the United States.

CoverAmerica-Gold provides medical insurance for U.S. visitors at a low price and includes numerous advantages not found in any other U.S. visitor plan. This travel insurance plan was the first to include a benefit for Covid testing and other public health issues. You can now get coverage for flu shots as well. The following are some of the highlights of CoverAmerica-Gold:

  • Bestseller comprehensive coverage Plan for U.S. Visitors
  • Rated "A" plan
  • No renewal or extension fees
  • No cancellation fee
  • Most popular and widely accepted United Healthcare PPO Network
  • Covers 100% in PPO network with Cashless Payment

Covid-specific coverage

When it comes to Covid-specific coverage, CoverAmerica-Gold offers these benefits:

  • Coronavirus covered as any other covered medical condition
  • Covid Screening benefit
  • Covid Quarantine benefit
  • Covers Cruise, theme parks and trips to Mexico, Bahamas, Canada

Other Options for Covid Travel Insurance

Other popular plans that cover COVID-19 include Atlas America, Patriot America Plus and ChoiceAmerica.

You can also compare travel insurance plans which cover COVID-19.