Collegiate Care Exclusive

Limited Coverage,  Rated A (Excellent)By: Trawick,  UW: AXIS CapitalAXIS Capital
AM Best Rating
A (Excellent)
AXIS Capital
Trawick International
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Urgent Care
Coverage from 91 days to 364 days

Collegiate Care Exclusive plan is designed to provide comprehensive Medical, Evacuation and Repatriation coverage, for International Students, Scholars and their Families studying or teaching in the USA.

Please review Collegiate Care Exclusive Plan Brochure brochure or policy document for complete and accurate coverage information.

Dr. / Physician Visit
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Surgical Treatment
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Prescription Drugs / Medicines
Deductible is waived in network.
Tier 1 : $10 with 31 days supply
Tier 2 :$20 with 31 days supply
Tier 3 : $40 with 31 days supply
Lab & X-rays
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Physical Therapy
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Hospital Room
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Surgical Treatment
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Hospital Intensive Care Unit
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Ambulance Expenses
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Emergency Room(ER)
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Accidental emergency
Up to 80% of the Preferred Allowance. $250 per tooth to a maximum of $1,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation
100% of the actual expense.
Return of Remains
100% of the actual expense.
The plan pays up to $15,000
Mental Illness
80% of the Preferred Allowance
Pre-Existing Conditions
Will be covered after the insured person has continuously insured for 6 months under the same insurance
80% of the Preferred Allowance. Conception must occur after the policy start date.
General Physical full Checkup
100% of the Preferred Allowance
Terrorism Coverage
Not Covered
24-Hrs Emergency Assistance
Yes. Contact Number and details can be found on the ID card.

Plan Administrator Company

Trawick International

Carrier / Underwriter

AXIS Capital

AM Best Rating

A (Excellent)


You are eligible for this coverage in USA, if you are temporarily residing outside your home country/country of permanent residence while actively engaged in education, teaching or research activities and if you are one of the following: F1/J1 valid Visa holder. Spouse and dependent children are also eligible for coverage. Permanent residents (green card holders) and US Citizens are not eligible for coverage under this plan.

Deductible Content

Deductible Per Incident
What is Deductible?

Deductible is the amount that you are responsible for, before insurance company starts paying for any covered expenses. Deductible for this type of plan is applicable once per incident.

For example: If you visit a doctor for a medical problem, and after consultation, the doctor prescribes Medicines, X-rays, and Lab tests, then since all these services are part of one incident, your deductible will be applicable for these services only once. If you visit a doctor again after a few days for a new problem, the deductible will be applicable again for that new incident.
What deductible to choose with this Plan?

Since deductible is per incident for these type of plans. It is a good idea to select a lower deductible such as “0“.

Note : For Age 70 and above, lower deductible like Zero “0“ is not available.

Plan Type

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Coverage in U.S.A.


Coverage outside U.S.A.

Not Covered


No Co pay


The plan pays 80% up to the Preferred Allowance

Plan Effective Date

The Effective Date of this Policy is the later of the following:
1. The Date the Company receives a completed Application and correct premium for the Policy Period, or
2. The Effective Date requested on the Application, or
3. The day after applying online,or
4. The day after postmark when mailed.

Plan End Date

Your coverage ends on the earliest of the following:
1. The date you cease to be eligible for coverage; or
2. The end of your term of coverage;or
3. The date requested on your application; or
4. The last day for which premium has been paid.

Coverage Type

Percentage based coverage

Deductible Type

Per Injury or Sickness


Yes, can be extended on monthly basis.


Upon effective date - this plan is fully earned and non-refundable. There are no partial refunds.

PPO Network

Unitedhealth Care

Coverage Length

The minimum period of coverage is 1 Month and the Maximum is 364 days.

Available Deductibles

In Network: $100,$500 or $1,500
Out of Network: $250, $1,500, $2,000

Available Coverage

Medical Maximum: Unlimited

Provider Directory

By Provider, Toll Free: 888-301-9289 ,Direct: 251-661-0924

Plan Brochure

Collegiate Care Exclusive Insurance Brochure brochure

US States Restrictions

No Restriction

Country Restrictions

Nigeria and Antartica


Plan features listed here are high level, provided for your convenience and information purpose only. Please review the Evidence of Coverage and Plan Contract (Policy) for a detailed description of Coverage Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions. Must read the Policy Brochure and Plan Details for complete and accurate details. Only the Terms and Conditions of Coverage Benefits listed in the policy are binding.