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Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance
What is it?

Emergency medical evacuation insurance for evacuation assistance in case of a sudden medical event.

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If youre traveling in a region with limited medical resources or in a remote area, emergency medical evacuation will ensure that medical help reaches you. This insurance assists those who need to be evacuated; it will cover transportation costs should you need to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Why emergency medical evacuation insurance matters

Emergency medical evacuation insurance is crucial because it literally saves lives. Whether youre hiking the Alps or touring a small village in Asia, this benefit will ensure that you receive medical attention, even if that means having to be airlifted to the nearest medical facility. Whats more, without this coverage, an airlift itself could cost you thousands of dollars.

Anyone traveling overseas should have emergency medical evacuation insurance. With an emergency medical evacuation plan, the insurance plan provider arranges the transportation so you don't have to worry about the details. Plus, you won't have to pay for an expensive emergency medical evacuation.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance is generally part of any visitors travel medical insurance. It can also be added as a rider to any travel basic plan.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Return of mortal remains
  • AD&D
  • Trip interruption

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At VisitorsCoverage, you can easily compare Medical Evacuation Insurance plans and buy them online, quickly and without excessive paperwork. Medical Evacuation Insurance plans can help protect you from unforeseen circumstances and let you travel with peace of mind.

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