ChoiceAmerica Insurance
PPO Network and Providers Directory

Inside USA

The PPO provider for ChoiceAmerica Insurance is First Health Network. First Health Network is an independent provider network and is mostly recognized by major hospitals, doctors, and health facilities.

If you have a ChoiceAmerica Insurance plan, it is better to go to the provider listed in this provider directory to take the advantage of plan benefits. Remember to mention First Health Network as your PPO provider when you visit the hospital, since this is the name that is recognized by the provider.

Outside USA

There is no PPO network outside the United States for ChoiceAmerica Insurance. You may visit any doctor or hospital, and then pay accordingly and file a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement.

However, ChoiceAmerica does give policy holders access to its International Provider Access database to help travelers visiting countries outside the US and Canada easily locate doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers throughout the world. Search the International Provider Access database below to find an international healthcare provider.

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List of providers name are given here for your convenience only. Actual participating doctor and hospitals or service providers may change their participation any time without any notice to the policy holder. Please review your policy document for the terms and conditions of how the providers and billing process works. Maxn Insurance Services ( does not provide any guarantee of acceptance of any particular policy at any of this listed network of providers. Please contact the policy insurance administrator for questions related to providers and benefits associated with your policy.
Acceptance of a particular insurance with a particular service provider is subject to service provider's terms of service with their client and insurance company or PPO network.