Patriot Exchange Insurance:
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Patriot Exchange insurance is plan designed for students and scholars studying abroad or participants of cultural exchange programs. After satisfying the deductible, program pays 100% thereafter for each sickness or injury.


Patriot Exchange insurance

Underwriters: Sirius Specialty Insurance Corporation
Reviews and Ratings
  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Standard & Poor's Rating: A-
  • Underwriter: Sirius Specialty Insurance Corporation
  • Administrator: IMG A US based reputed insurance administrator.
  • Licensed and regulated by the Department of Insurance in the United States.
  • All claims are handled in USA.
  • Patriot Exchange insurance participates in PPO network (First Health PPO Network) providing you thousands of reputed doctors, medical experts and hospitals throughout the USA. Provider can directly bill the insurance company and the transaction can be cashless.
  •  COVID-19 Included
  • Best Suited for: Students and scholars studying abroad or participating in cultural exchange programs. Participants spouse and unmarried dependent children traveling with them on J2 visa are also covered. This policy meets the requirements for J1 and J2 visa holders.
  • Patriot Exchange Insurance Reviews and Ratings: Rated A by AM Best and A- by Standard & Poor's.
  • Eligibility (Who can buy this plan?): Members who are actively engaged or participating in an educational or cultural exchange program in the country of assignment through a sponsoring organization or school, or be the spouse or dependent of said student/participant traveling with them.
  • Spouse and dependents can apply for coverage by themselves if they hold a J2 visa and the J1 visa holder who is participating in the educational or cultural exchange program has purchased a plan through that program.
  • Coverage becomes effective when the group member and his/her traveling dependents have legally departed the Home Country and legally entered the Host Country and are not citizens of the home country.
What's Good
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for J1 and J2 visa holders available at a very affordable price.
  • First Health PPO network, i.e. greater number of doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals covered across the USA.
  • Online Renewable. (If initially purchase for minimum 1 month).
  • Cancellable and refundable. (Full refund before coverage start date, Monthly refund if there is no claim. A $50 cancellation fee applies).
What's Not So Good
  • Pre-existing conditions covered only after 12 months of continuous coverage.
  • Baggage loss coverage not included. (Available with optional add-on rider).
  • Only available for travelers under 65 years of age.
  • $100 fixed deductible.
How It Works

Patriot Exchange Insurance Experiences

Patriot Exchange insurance offers excellent benefits at an affordable price for those on a J1/J2 visa. It a is a popular plan among those traveling to the USA as international students, scholars, and people involved in cultural exchange programs.

Manage your Patriot Insurance Policy Online: Renewal, Extension, Visa Letter and more

Your Patriot Exchange policy can be managed online by logging onto myIMG. You can renew, extend, download your ID card and visa letter, find providers within the PPO network, and make corrections on your policy in the portal. You will need your policy ID number and date of birth to access myIMG.

Patriot Exchange Insurance Claim Information

You can download the claimant form here: Patriot Exchange insurance claim form
It is recommended to download this claim form, complete it and send it to IMG after you have received medical treatment and services. Make sure to complete the claim form and provide the supporting documents for faster processing.
Read more information about visitor insurance claims process.