Types of Evacuation Coverages

When it comes to planning a trip overseas, one major detail that many travelers overlook is the amount of potential risks that come with visiting a foreign land or exploring an unfamiliar area. Should an unfortunate event occur, such as a natural disaster, a severe and unexpected illness or injury in a remote area, or even a situation of political unrest, it is possible that you may need to be evacuated to safety or airlifted to a medical facility for proper treatment. In terms of evacuation however, it is important to note that there are different kinds based on the specific situation at hand.

Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuations focus mainly on providing transportation, often via air, to the nearest equipped medical facilities upon the occurrence of a severe and unexpected medical emergency requiring immediate care. Having medical evacuation coverage with some insurance policies will provide you with the treatment needed in a timely manner while protecting you from financial despair due to the high medical costs in foreign countries. Should the nearest medical facility be ill equipped to treat you based on your condition, or overwhelmed with patients based on the situation, the insurance company will provide you with all of the coordination in your transportation to a facility that can provide you with the care and treatment needed.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuations are primarily for the evacuation of travelers from threatening or hazardous situations such as catastrophic weather conditions or large-scale accidents where their overall safety is potentially at risk. Such a situation could occur in the event of an accident on a cruise ship, during a hurricane while visiting a tropical island, or even a terrorist attack while visiting an unfamiliar country. When it comes to emergency evacuations, injury is not necessarily involved but having coverage for this will mean that the insurance company is responsible for your swift and safe removal from the situation at hand, rather than having to navigate the situation individually.

Political Evacuation

Political evacuation entails the evacuation of individuals in cases of crisis due to political unrest or military action. Much like emergency evacuation, having coverage for political evacuation can provide you with a safe removal from catastrophic situations where your safety and well-being is at risk. In the event of an emergency while traveling in a foreign country, the travel insurance company will arrange for you and your insured dependents to be evacuated immediately to a safer place.

Experiencing a major medical emergency or life-threatening situation while overseas can be stressful, chaotic, and extremely expensive and in this particular case, it is always better to be safe than sorry by making sure that you are properly equipped with the necessary protection because having coverage for this can ultimately save you time, money, and even your life. When it comes finding a plan that covers evacuation, it is important to note that some plans are all encompassing in terms of covering the different types, while others are limited to just one or two, so it is important to select a policy that best fits your individual needs. For more information on evacuation coverage, refer to our evacuation page.

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