Obamacare State-Wise Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace Information

Our reader may find the following information useful to locate the resources, website and contact information about Health Insurance Marketplace and State Medicaid expansion in their respective resident state. As per the Affordable Care Act, beginning 2014 all US legal residents are required to have a qualified health insurance. Green card holders, permanent residents should contact the state health exchange, MediCal or Medicaid department to find out if they qualify for state sponsored Medicaid or any other program.

  • US legal residents age 65 or over - May qualify for federal Medicare or state sponsored Medicaid.
  • US legal permanent resident age under 65 may buy a suitable health insurance from state health exchange in your state, or through a private health insurance provider in your state.

Use the following interactive US map and click on your resident state to see the government health insurance resources, related information and contact details in respective state.

State Selected
Disclaimer: Information presented here is high level and for your convenience only without any warranty of accuracy. It may not cover all aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare act.
The ACA law is not fully implemented yet; definitions, eligibility etc. are subjective and may vary from state to state. Contact HealthCare.gov for any assistance. You may contact a qualified licensed health insurance agent in your area to discuss your specific situations and options. You may also write to us at support[at]visitorscoverage.com
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