How to Track Your Visitors Insurance Claims Status

How to Track Your Visitors Insurance Claims Status

After you purchase a travel medical insurance plan, and utilize your plan during its policy period, it is typically necessary to submit a claim for any treatment or services you are requesting coverage for. This is part of the travel medical insurance process as every claim has to be reviewed and approved before coverage can be paid out.

While each insurance company may have some variations when it comes to how to file a claim, almost all utilize an online platform that makes submitting and tracking your insurance claim easy. Below, you’ll find details on how to track your travel medical insurance claims status for top travel insurance providers.

How to Track Your Claim Status

Here is how to track your visitors insurance claim status for the following popular visitors insurance companies.


For IMG plans, you can submit and access your claims online through the MyIMG portal. To track your existing claims, you will navigate to the My Claims page.

Any submitted claims will be listed here. You’ll be able to see the “Claim Status”, and can click “View Details” for more information about your claim.

After clicking “View Details” on a specific claim, you’ll be able to see a more detailed status.

Statuses include:

  • Submitted - your claim was likely just submitted and hasn’t yet been adjudicated
  • Processed - Paid
  • Processed - Deductible
  • Processed - Denied
  • Additional Information Needed

If additional information is needed, taking care of this in a timely manner is important to get your claims processed.

Trawick International

Most Trawick International travel medical insurance plans can be submitted and tracked online through the Trawick International member portal.

To first access your policy information online, you’ll need the email address that you used to purchase your plan along with your Certificate Number, which you can find on your Certificate of Insurance or in the confirmation email you received after purchasing your plan.

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to log into your Trawick account online and access your claims information, including up-to-date claims status.

Seven Corners

You can check the status of your claim for plans through Seven Corners online by signing into your account.

You’ll first need to provide an email address.

Next, you’ll provide various personal details to set up your online account.

Once your account has been set up, and your active plans are listed on your account, you can click the active plan to see your Claim Tracker for any claims associated with that specific plan.

Under Claims Tracker, you can select “Details” to see the status of your claim.

Here, you’ll be able to see your claims number and status.

Claim statuses include:

  • Paid
  • Denied
  • Applied to Deductible
  • Closed
  • Under Review
  • Received


For policies with INF, you can check your claims status online through their MyINF Portal.

After you log into your member portal, you’ll click on Claims. Here, you can submit new claims and also check the status of any previously submitted claims.


For plans through WorldTrips, you can check your claim status through their online Member Portal.

From your home screen, you’ll select Claims and Appeals in the top navigation bar.

Here, you’ll see your open claims as well as the status of your claims. Clicking the small arrow next to the claim will provide you with more information in regards to:

  • Whether your claim is being processed
  • If your claim requires more information
  • If an outcome of the claim is ready
  • If your Explanation of Benefits is ready for review

If your claim is complete, you’ll be able to access your Explanation of Benefits.

Understanding Claims Statuses

When looking up your claim, you’ll likely see a status next to your claim which represents where your claim is currently in the process. Each insurance company may differ in how they represent a claim’s status, so it’s important to understand what your claims status means based on your plan’s insurance company. Information for what each claims status represents can typically be found online on the insurance company's website, or you can contact customer support with the insurance company for assistance.

Can’t Submit or Access Your Claim Status Online?

For some travel medical insurance plans, you may not be able to file your claim or access its status online. In this case, you can always contact the insurance company for more information on the status of your claim and be sure to check your email regularly for updates or requests for additional documents or details if needed.

For additional information, check out our complete guide to travel medical insurance claims or log into your VisitorsCoverage customer portal account to request direct assistance with your claim.