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Ready for an amazing adventure in the beautiful paradise of French Polynesia? The blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture are calling you. Before you travel to French Polynesia, we can help ensure that your trip is safe as it is exciting.

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When you venture into French Polynesia, obtaining travel medical insurance or trip insurance, offers crucial protection against unforeseen costs like medical emergencies, misplaced baggage, canceled flights, or unexpected disruptions to your plans. With travel insurance as your safety net, you can wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the marvels of French Polynesia, knowing that you are safeguarded every step of the way.

Here are some essential tips to know when visiting French Polynesia:

Health and Safety

Before going on your French Polynesia trip, make sure you have what you need to stay healthy. Here are some tips to help you:

  • French Polynesia has pleasant weather and stunning beaches. But remember to protect yourself from the sun and bugs by using sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Drink plenty of water bottles so you don't get dehydrated.
  • While the local cuisine may be delicious, be cautious with street food and opt for well-cooked dishes.
  • Keep a small first aid kit handy for minor cuts and scrapes during your outdoor adventures.


Although you can't always prevent crimes, there are ways to reduce your risks. French Polynesia is generally safe, but theft is not uncommon. Here are some tips to reduce your crime risk:

  • Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded areas.
  • Leave valuable items, such as expensive jewelry, in a secure place to minimize the risk of theft.

Transportation Security

Traveling in a new country can be hard. Here are some tips for traveling in French Polynesia.

  • Keep your travel documents, like your passport and travel insurance details, in a safe and easily accessible place.
  • Follow security guidelines at airports and seaports to ensure a smooth journey.

Road Safety

Driving in a new country can be a challenge. Here are a couple of tips if you plan to drive in French Polynesia:

  • If you're exploring the islands by car, remember to drive on the right side of the road.
  • Some roads can be narrow and winding, so drive cautiously and adhere to speed limits.

Wildlife and Nature

French Polynesia might just be one of the most naturally beautiful places you'll ever visit. But when dealing with wildlife, safety always comes first:

  • French Polynesia is home to incredible marine life. Remember, corals and other underwater creatures are delicate, so avoid touching or disturbing them while snorkeling or diving.
  • Keep your distance from wildlife and avoid feeding animals.

Natural Disasters

Before traveling to French Polynesia, make sure you're prepared for any potential natural disasters. Here are some tips to help you:

  • French Polynesia is prone to tropical cyclones. Stay informed about weather forecasts and follow local authorities' advice during such events.
  • If you're traveling during cyclone season (November to April), it's advisable to have flexible travel plans in case of disruptions.

Travel Resources for French Polynesia

Please note that the content provided is just an overview. Please stay updated on the latest information and follow local guidelines and regulations during your visit.

For all your travel needs in French Polynesia, visit this visitor's site. This resource will provide you with valuable insights and help you plan an unforgettable trip to French Polynesia.

French Polynesia offers a unique blend of beauty, adventure, and culture that you won't find anywhere else. Discover the beautiful Bora Bora lagoon and embrace the Maohi culture for an unforgettable adventure.To make the most of your trip, remember to pack your sense of wonder and make your safety a priority. Bon voyage!