USVisit-Pro Plan Notice

The following FAQs will answer some general questions regarding the USVisit-Pro plan being currently unavailable.


Why can I not buy the USVisit-Pro plan on your website?

The USVisit-Pro plan is temporarily unavailable effective 5/1/23 as it is currently undergoing improvements.


When will this plan be available online?

At this point in time we do not have any specific date, we are hoping to bring it back very soon.


I wanted to buy a pre-existing conditions travel medical plan, do you have any recommendations?

Yes, we have several other options that are equally good and are A-rated pre-existing travel medical insurance plans that you can consider enrolling in. Here is the pre-existing condition medical insurance listing.You can also contact our licensed travel insurance experts if you need any assistance.


I am an existing USVisit-Pro policyholder, will there be any impact on policy coverage, and how would I manage my policy?

There is no impact to existing USVisit-Pro policyholders. The policyholders will continue to receive coverage as per their policy terms and conditions at the time of purchase. As an existing USVisit-Pro policyholder, you can manage your policy through your Account and via our customer support team.


Where can I view my USVisit-Pro benefits and description of coverage?

You can view your USVisit-Pro plan specific documents and description of coverage by logging into your Account.


What if I have questions or need further assistance regarding my existing USVisit-Pro plan?

Our customer success team is here to help with any questions.