10 Tips for Responsible Eco-tourism in the Philippines

10 Tips for Responsible Eco-tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines is a group of islands with beautiful beaches, green forests, and rich cultures. It is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. Unfortunately, much of this beauty is in real danger.

Right now the Philippines is facing a major deforestation crisis. Not only does the Philippines need trees, but it also needs eco-friendly travelers like you. Responsible tourism in the Philippines helps conserve, sustain and even renew the natural wonders of the country for generations to come.

Just put the Philippines on your travel bucket list? Already have your bags packed? Either way, we have some simple tips for traveling sustainably in the Philippines.

Agritourism in the Philippines

Sprawling greenery of the Philippines.

There are a lot of eco-friendly activities in the Philippines but agrotourism is one of the most effective. Agritourism is a special way to learn about local communities and help farming stay healthy. It involves staying on a farm in exchange for helping out with the land.

This is a win-win for the environment and for you. You’ll learn a lot about nature and farming, help keep the land sustainable, and you’ll save money on lodging.

Farms are one of the most eco-friendly destinations in the Philippines. Many invite visitors to see how people in the countryside live and farm the old-fashioned way.

You may be asked to help out with a variety of things, including planting rice, picking veggies, or making coconut oil. Instead of just another tourist, you become a protector of the country you’re visiting. This is part of what mindful travel is all about.

Eat Local, Shop Local: Enjoy Filipino Food and Crafts

Collection of Filippino food and drink.

To truly get a taste of Filipino culture, try the local food and handcrafted items. Choose restaurants and markets run by local folks where you can enjoy authentic dishes made from ingredients nearby. A little bit of research before you travel to the Philippines can go a long way. For instance, if you love seafood look up markets for sustainable seafood in the Philippines.

Also, when you go souvenir shopping, make sure to support local artists and artisans. Of course, you can buy a snow globe or an I [heart] the Philippines tee shirt. But a beautiful piece of art or a set of colorful hand-woven placemats might just be a better reminder of your amazing trip.

You’ll get to proudly display these items and tell your houseguests the stories behind them. You’ll also reduce demand for things made in big factories that don’t care about being eco-friendly. In short, when you eat and shop locally in the Philippines, the money you spend will go to the local communities that host you.

Visit Animal Sanctuaries Responsibly

The Philippines has some amazing animals. Make sure to visit places that treat animals well and care about their safety and education. Avoid places that use animals for fun and entertainment.

Ethical wildlife sanctuaries let you watch, learn, and appreciate wildlife while making sure the animals are happy. These sanctuaries let you experience the animals while helping wildlife conservation in the Philippines.

Book Eco-Friendly Activities in the Philippines

Hiker standing in the middle of a wide stretch of land.

When you plan your trips and activities, think about being friendly to the environment. Pick eco-friendly tour operators in the Philippines. If you can, choose activities approved by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DOT). Make sure they meet the country’s sustainability standards.

Enjoy Snorkeling and Diving Responsibly

If you want to explore the amazing coral reefs in the Philippines, do it carefully. Choose dive operators who follow eco-friendly practices. They will enforce rules that minimize your risk of harming marine life and their ecosystems.

Go Hiking and Trekking the Green Way

There are a lot of great places to hike in the Philippines. When you go hiking and trekking, try to do it in an eco-friendly way. If your hike is part of a tour, make sure the tour companies you choose prioritize sustainability.

Stick to marked trails and avoid restricted areas to lower your environmental impact. Don’t get too close to any animals you see and make sure you leave no litter behind.

Bird-watching: Respect and Observe

The Philippines is a great place to bird-watch. Join tours led by local experts who care about the birds and their homes. When you’re outdoors, don’t make any loud noises and avoid flash photography as this can disorient the birds.

Be Kind to the Environment: Don’t Leave a Mess

Hand depositing trash into a recycle bin.

Traveling responsibility in the Philippines means doing what you can whenever you can to preserve the environment. Here are some things you can do:

  • Put your trash in the right bins. If you can’t find any bins, keep your trash with you until you can get rid of it safely.
  • Avoid wasting water and energy. Opt for solar-powered accessories.
  • Don’t hurt plants and animals. The natural beauty of the Philippines is part of its charm. Help preserve it by staying a safe distance from wildlife and their homes.
  • Respect the people and their customs, and ask before taking pictures of them.

From choosing the right accessories to researching your lodging options, there are a lot of ways to be eco-friendly no matter where you go. Discover more ways you can engage in sustainable travel.

Help Clean up the Coast

The Philippines has a long coastline, and you can help keep it clean. Join eco-friendly groups in the Philippines to clean up the beaches. This helps keep beaches and marine life beautiful for locals and tourists alike.

Support Local Eco-Tourism

Indigenous communities in the Philippines offer more opportunities to learn and contribute to responsible eco-tourism. Choose places that give power to the local people and let you experience their culture.

Protect Marine Areas

If you go snorkeling or diving, choose Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Follow the rules, like not touching or taking anything from the sea, to help protect marine life.

Use Eco-Friendly Transportation

Cut down on pollution by picking eco-friendly ways to get around, like buses or sharing rides. Some tour companies even offer electric tricycles (e-trikes) or bike tours. These can be a great way to explore the country, protect the environment, and get some exercise.

Volunteer in Filippino Communities

If you really want to make a difference, consider volunteering in the Philippines. A lot of organizations in the Philippines welcome foreign volunteers. You may be asked to help with conservation efforts in the Philippines. You might participate in things like planting trees, protecting wildlife, or, even, teaching about nature.

Sustainable travel in the Philippines isn’t just a trend; it’s a promise to protect the country’s beauty and history. By following these tips and doing sustainable travel in the Philippines, you can explore the country while helping to save it. Whether you’re visiting farms, trying local food, or cleaning up beaches, you’re making a positive impact on the environment and the people you meet.