Travel Medical Insurance is Mandatory for Visitors as per the Government of Cuba

The government of Cuba requires all foreign visitors to purchase travel health insurance. The rule applies to all travelers from overseas as well as Cubans living abroad.

Before visiting Cuba, travelers should make sure they have adequate travel medical coverage. Cuban authorities won't allow anyone with outstanding medical bills to leave the country, so travel medical insurance for Cuba is highly recommended.

Entry requirements into Cuba

Upon entry into Cuba, tourists must have a return air ticket, evidence of sufficient funds for their minimum financial needs, a valid visa, and proof of travel health insurance. The travel medical insurance plan must include coverage for medical evacuation by air, medical emergencies, and repatriation.

In addition, a visitors passport must be valid for at least a month beyond their expected date of departure. After arrival in Cuba, travelers shall present an insurance policy, insurance certificate, or traveling assistance card that is valid for the time they will stay in Cuba.

Travel medical insurance requirements by country

Travelers who arrive on the island of Cuba without travel health insurance, or with an invalid travel medical plan, will be able to buy a policy from a Cuban insurance company at the airport, port, or marina where they enter the country.

Travel health insurance recommendations by the visiting country include the following:

  • For British visitors, the coverage purchased in Cuba is likely to be less comprehensive than most UK-based policies and could have more expensive premiums.
  • For Canadian visitors, proof of Canadian provincial health insurance is sufficient for entry, but the provincial plan may only cover a portion of the cost of medical treatment and it will not pay the bill up-front and instead require you to pay up front and then claim for reimbursement. It is therefore recommended that Canadians purchase supplemental health insurance for their visits to Cuba.
  • U.S. residents who are able to obtain a visa, can purchase an insurance policy before they arrive in Cuba or once they arrive in Cuba (at the airport, port, or marina where they enter the country).

In case of any medical emergency, the Cuban health system guarantees the necessary medical care through a network of polyclinics and hospitals, covering every corner of the island. Primary health care is provided in most hotel facilities.

Travel Insurance Plans for Cuba

Plans for U.S. Citizens Traveling To Cuba:
Plans for Non-U.S. Citizens Traveling To Cuba:

Most U.S. domestic health insurance and Medicare don't provide coverage outside of America. Check with your health insurance company to confirm that your current health insurance covers Cuba. If it doesn't you might want to buy travel medical insurance from a private insurance company.

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