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Exploring the Wonders of the International Art Scene

Exploring the Wonders of the International Art Scene

If you’ve ever stood in a museum staring at a work of art, letting it wash over you, you know how impactful art can be. You also understand the distinction between seeing the Mona Lisa in a textbook and seeing it in the Louvre. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to witness art in its original form, don’t pass it up. Not only can experiencing art firsthand impact you on a personal level, but also, it can give you a new understanding of the country you’re visiting. If you love traveling as much as you love art, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of some of the most amazing ways to explore the international art scene. 

Five International Art Festivals, Markets & Museums In the U.S.

International Folk Art Market

The International Folk Art Market has been a Santa Fe staple for nearly two decades. While it began as a grassroots effort, it blossomed into an all-out spectacle of folk art from the world’s most talented folk artists. This year’s market is expected to run from July 5 through July 8th. 

International Folk Art Museum

Speaking of folk art, if a folk art market isn’t enough for you, you’re in luck. There’s an entire museum devoted to folk art in the same city. The International Folk Art Museum wows its visitors daily with special collections and exhibitions that showcase the personal and cultural histories and heritage of artists around the world. 

Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Each year, Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts puts on a dazzling festival showcasing one of the many different artforms, from painting to theatre. This year, for instance, guests arriving at Disney World between January 13th and Feb. 20th will get to experience the wonders of the world’s culinary arts. From visually appealing snacks to mouth-watering main courses, festival-goers will experience firsthand how much art is truly involved in cooking.  

International African Arts Festival

Most Americans will never have the chance to visit Africa and experience the vibrant music and art scenes in cities and countries across the continent. Enter the next best thing: Brooklyn’s International African Arts Festival. This 4-day festival typically runs at the start of July and boasts renowned artists such as Blue Magic, Steel Pulse,The Mighty Sparrow, Fela Anikulapo- Kuti, KRS-1, and Lauryn Hill.

International Festival of Arts & Ideas

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas runs between June 10th and June 25th this year in New Haven, Connecticut. Visitors can expect a program filled with a diverse group of artists and thinkers discussing pressing issues involving art, politics and the environment.

5 Amazing Locations for Street Art You’ll Want to Visit Right Away

Museums aren’t the only place to find awe-inspiring works of art. In fact, some of the most beautiful art can be seen during a casual city stroll. Here are some of the most amazing cities for street art around the world. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The history of Argentina’s capital is alive and well on colorful murals painted on the backs of stores or the sides of houses. But these expansive and impressive works also have a personal side. Not only do they mean something unique to the artist, but also every person who looks upon them will come away with a unique meaning. If you want to make sure you see all the street art the city has to offer, there’s a tour for that. 

Melbourne, Australia

There are few places in the world that boasts more impressive street art than Melbourne’s Blender Lane. This alleyway abounds with colorful murals, stencils and tags, making it a great place to find inspiration, and take a few photo ops. 

Lisbon, Portugal

There’s so much street art in Portugal’s capital, you can consider Lisbon an open-air art gallery. Experience the amazing work of local artists and learn more about Portugal’s cultural and historical significance through art. 

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö has become known for its street art. From the surreal to the hyper-real, heart-warming to heart-wrenching, this city is a visual feast. One of the best ways to experience all this artistic inspiration is to take a bike tour.   

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s street art scene is vibrant, to say the least. Nowhere is this truer than in Cape Town. Here, you’ll find all kinds of murals and street art paying homage to musical legends like Bob Marley, and political figures like Nelson Mandala. Just outside of Cape Town, you’ll find Woodstock, a suburb revitalized by the vibrant and eclectic street art ever-present in alleyways and on store-backs. The street art scene in Woodstock has become so significant that you can even take guided tours.    

International Travel Insurance & the Art of Travel

Before you hit the global art scene, you’re going to want to protect yourself and your trip investment. This is where travel insurance comes in. Your domestic healthcare won’t cover you overseas. If you need urgent medical care, travel medical insurance can help cover certain costs.  For American art lovers, international trip insurance is also an option, as it not only protects you against costs related to trip cancellations, baggage loss and flight disruptions, but also provides some medical coverage for urgently needed care. If you have any questions about travel insurance, our Customer Success Team is happy to help. You can also head on over to VisitorsCoverage and explore your travel safety options today.