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Travel Insurance for Students & Recent Graduates

Travel Insurance for Students & Recent Graduates

Congratulations graduates! You’ve made it through countless classroom sessions, put away your books, and moved that tassel from right to left. It’s time for all you graduating seniors to celebrate and reconnect with the world. If you’re up for some student travel, here are some ways travel insurance can protect you on your next adventures.  

Booking a Graduation Vacation?

After the year you’ve had, we’d say a vacation is in order. But before you enjoy some much-needed R & R on the beaches of Costa Rica, or celebrate your accomplishment with a few nights out in Aruba, we have a little practical advice for you: buy travel insurance. Trip and travel insurance ensures that you or your travel buddies get affordable medical care if an injury or illness, like COVID-19, occurs while you’re abroad.

Paying just a little upfront for comprehensive travel medical insurance not only gives you peace of mind, but it could literally save your life (and your bank account!). Count on VisitorsCoverage to keep you on the safe side.  

How About a Little Gap Year Travel? 

A gap year is a year (or sometimes just a few months) some students take off before heading off to college. Gap years aren’t just more time to hang out with friends or play video games. Instead, gap years involve some type of educational value. And there are few things more educational than travel.  So before you start your college career, maybe it’s time to backpack through Europe?

Travel insurance can be your best travel companion on these adventures. With benefits like comprehensive medical coverage and Cancel For Any Reason, the travel insurance plans offered by VisitorsCoverage can help keep you safe physically and financially. In some European countries, travel insurance isn’t just a good thing to have, it’s required

Studying Abroad Next Year? 

Continuing your studies next year? Maybe you’re thinking of  joining a study abroad program through your university. Whether it’s the idea of studying about the London Tower at the literal London Tower, or discussing Chekhovian literary devices in an actual Russian university that draws you, there’s one more thing to think about: Travel insurance.

It may not fit with the more romantic views of studying abroad, but insurance for student travelers has become increasingly vital for your safety and security. Your college or university may offer some form of study abroad insurance, but it won’t be comprehensive. Not to worry, though, travel insurance has you covered. 

So, once again, congratulations Class of 2021! Your senior year may have been tougher than most, but you faced the challenges head-on with grace and determination. No matter where in the world your life takes you, travel insurance will help get you there safely.