Popular 2021 Travel Destinations that Require Travel Insurance

Popular 2021 Travel Destinations that Require Travel Insurance

The promising COVID-19 vaccine rollout initiatives might warm your socially-distant heart with daydreams of bucket-list vacations and trips to plan in 2021. But to say that the Covid pandemic has changed international travel for the foreseeable future is still a bit of an understatement. Countries finally able to contain their Covid outbreaks will be understandably wary of re-opening their borders under pre-Covid standards. Many of the most-searched vacation destinations have implemented strict restrictions to keep locals and tourists safe. Here's a rundown of popular destinations that now require proof of  travel insurance for entry. Or you can view all countries that require visitors to have travel medical insurance. 



What could be a better remedy for the challenges of the last year and half than a dose of island-life in 2021? Jamaica's relatively low Covid numbers make it a top vacation spot for 2021. Soak up some sun on Jamaica's world-famous beaches in Montego Bay or splash in the deep blue waters of the Grand Cayman Islands. Travelers with a more adventurous streak can enjoy scuba-diving, glass-bottom boat expeditions, or drive ATVs through the island. But remember, your Jamaica adventure begins only when you show proper documentation at the border, including proof of travel insurance for Covid.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse nations on the planet. Within the country's only 20,000 square miles, visitors can explore rainforests, mountains, beaches, nature reserves, national parks and volcanoes. Although the rate of Covid infections is relatively high in Costa Rica, the country has implemented safety precautions and re-opened its borders. If you're dreaming about a vacation in Costa Rica, you'll need proof of medical insurance to make your getaway a reality.

US Virgin Islands


The U.S. Virgin Islands is not just all about the beaches. While vacationing here, you can set out on one of the many hiking trails, tour the world-famous Cruzan Rum Distillery and even climb the historic 99 steps up to Blackbeard's Castle. But to experience all the hot spots and hidden gems the U.S. Virgin Islands have to offer, you'll need to show proof of travel medical insurance.



Experience the relaxing beaches and rejuvenating spas before spending a night out on the town. Aruba is just one of those islands that have everything you could want in a vacation spot. When you're packing your swim trunks or summer dresses, don't forget to bring your proof of travel medical insurance.

The one thing we know for sure about the new coronavirus is that it's unpredictable. While these countries are currently open to international travel, that could change. Please contact your destination country's health departments for the latest. Pro tip: when you purchase travel insurance be sure to [add a Cancel For Any Reason option to your plan]. That way, if your destinations' Covid rate worsens, or you have an unexpected conflict, some of your prepaid expenses will be refunded.

Travel insurance isn't just about Covid coverage. It can protect you from the steep cost of medical care for injuries and illnesses suffered during your trip. Some countries require proof of travel insurance for reasons unrelated to the pandemic.

United Arab Emirates


Also known as the UAE or simply Emirates, this country may be small geographically, but it's rich in culture and activities for any sort of traveler. Explore vast deserts, stand-out cities, world-class restaurants or indulge in the luxuries of this unique country. Nature lovers will find plenty of hiking, trekking and bird-watching opportunities while viewing vast amounts of dry river beds and valleys called "Wadis". UAE requires tourists show proof of insurance for entry, so make sure to put buying travel medical insurance on your to do list.



Whether you want to smoke a Cuban cigar, indulge in a sandwich Cubano or discover the source of world-famous rum, you won't get very far without proof of travel medical insurance.

Proof of travel medical insurance that spans the length of your stay is necessary in each of these countries but in light of the pandemic, other countries may enact similar restrictions in 2021.