Europe Travel Insurance: What It Is & What It Covers

Europe Travel Insurance: What It Is & What It Covers

Traveling to Europe is an exciting adventure filled with rich culture, incredible dining, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, and unique landmarks and history.

However, when it comes to traveling internationally, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Accidents and illnesses are not uncommon, and having a safeguard during your European adventure can give you peace of mind to fully enjoy your time.

Europe travel insurance can ensure that travelers are secure abroad, offering a variety of coverage from trip mishaps to medical emergencies. Understanding what European travel insurance is and what it covers can arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on protection for your trip.

What Is Europe Travel Insurance?

Europe travel insurance offers a variety of protection for foreign travelers to Europe. Depending on the type of travel insurance plan, these policies can cover trip cancellations, interruptions, delays, emergency medical expenses, lost baggage, and much more.

There are two types of travel insurance that are available for trips to Europe: trip insurance and travel medical insurance. Travelers can choose which plan meets their specific needs and concerns for their trip to Europe.

Be sure to also check eligibility based on your country of residence to see what plans are available to you.

Trip Insurance for Europe

Trip insurance is a travel protection policy which can offer coverage for prepaid and nonrefundable expenses related to your travel plans.

Trip insurance coverage for Europe can include:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Missed connection
  • Rental car damage
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Accident & sickness
  • Lost baggage
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Trip insurance can provide reimbursement if your trip is canceled, interrupted, or delayed for a covered reason as listed in your policy’s description of coverage.

For trips that are expenses and include lots of costs that are considered nonrefundable, trip insurance is a great investment to protect your trip investment.

Travel Medical Insurance for Europe

Travel health insurance for Europe is a type of travel policy that offers vital emergency medical coverage for those who are traveling outside of their home country.

Travel health insurance for Europe can cover:

Travel medical insurance can offer coverage for emergency medical care sought abroad for unexpected illnesses or injuries that occur during your travels.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Europe?

Travel insurance for Europe is highly recommended as it can offer key protection for travelers outside of their home country, especially for emergency medical situations.

Without travel insurance, travels in Europe will have to pay for medical care out-of-pocket. The cost of medical care in Europe can be expensive without insurance, so it is important to consider travel insurance as a safeguard in the event of an unforeseen illness or accident.

Is Travel Insurance Required in Europe?

Travel insurance may be required for your trip to Europe, depending on where you are traveling from.

Travel insurance overall is not required to travel to Europe for individuals who only need a passport and travel authorization to enter Europe.

This means that U.S. citizens are not required to obtain travel insurance in order to enter Europe.

However, those who are traveling to European countries that are a part of the Schengen area and are coming from a country that requires a Schengen visa to travel to Europe are required to obtain travel insurance.

Does US Health Insurance Cover You in Europe?

Most US domestic health insurance plans will not offer medical coverage for instances abroad, including Medicare.

Typically, your domestic insurance will only offer coverage within the United States, leaving you vulnerable when traveling internationally.

International travel insurance can help fill your gap in medical coverage while traveling abroad.

How Much Does Europe Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of Europe travel insurance will vary, depending on a number of factors.

For trip protection insurance for cancellations and interruptions, your insurance will typically cost between 5-10% of your total nonrefundable and prepaid trip expenses.

Travel medical insurance for Europe can be fairly affordable, depending on the plan you choose.

Is It Worth Getting Travel Insurance for Europe?

Travel insurance for Europe can prove to be a great investment as it only requires a small upfront premium for valuable protection.

Whether you opt for trip insurance or travel health insurance, you can embark on your journey with confidence that you’ll have protection for trip mishaps.

Europe Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

If you are required to obtain a Schengen visa to visit Europe, you will need to get travel insurance that meets the requirements.

Travel insurance for Schengen visa must meeting the following:

  • Cover emergency medical expenses, hospitalization, and repatriation of remains
  • Be valid for the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area
  • Be accepted in all Schengen countries
  • Have a minimum medical coverage amount of EUR 30,000

How Do I Get Travel Insurance for Europe?

European travel insurance can be purchased online in minutes through VisitorsCoverage.

Start your quote and enter in your travel details to compare plans and choose a policy that fits your needs.

Best Travel Insurance for Europe

Europe Travel Plus is an excellent international travel medical insurance plan designed for European travel that provides emergency medical coverage during your trip abroad.

After the deductible is met, this plan pays 100% of eligible medical expenses up to your policy maximum.

Other benefits of Europe Travel Plus include:

  • Meets Schengen visa requirements
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip interruption
  • Lost luggage
  • Lost or stolen passport
  • Border entry protection

Get Insurance for Europe Through VisitorsCoverage

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