How International Life Insurance works

How International Life Insurance works

Travelers shouldn't just plan what they will do during their trip or excursion; they should also make plans to keep their family and loved ones protected by preparing for the unexpected.

What is International Life Insurance?

International life insurance is an insurance plan that gives coverage for individuals traveling overseas. Like domestic life insurance policies, international life insurance provides a lump sum amount in the event of the insured's death. The difference between the two types of plans is location. Domestic insurance might not offer this coverage for deaths that occur abroad.

International travelers such as business travelers, missionaries and others traveling on special assignments may need international life insurance. If the worst happens, international life insurance provides financial protection for the insured travelers' families. In the event of the insured's death, this coverage protects their family by providing them a source of financial income. Families receive a lump sum amount based on whatever type of coverage the policyholder chose.

The policy term period and coverage options for International life insurance are flexible. Travelers can choose to purchase plans that range from one month to ten years, allowing international travelers the ability to insure almost any trip within an extended period. Plans typically cover deaths caused by injury, illness, or accidents. Deaths caused by pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

It's recommended to purchase an international life insurance policy if your company or domestic life insurance plan doesn't cover travel abroad. Although nothing can replace a loved one, international life insurance ensures that the insured traveler's family is financially secure and protected in the unfortunate case that they die abroad.