pilot disability insurance

Pilots Disability Insurance

Pilot disability insurance, also known as loss of license insurance, provides income protection for professional pilots. In the case that a pilot is disabled and unable to work, loss of pilots license insurance benefits provide income during the period in which the pilot is unable to work.

Pilots must meet the medical certificate requirements established by the Federal Aviation Administration in order to maintain their license. If they are unable to meet the minimum health requirements or have become disabled, their medical certificate may be suspended. During this elimination period, pilots are unable to work and may be left without a source of income. Loss of license insurance protects such situations by providing monthly benefit amounts so that pilots can maintain their living conditions.

Loss of license insurance covers most professional pilots including commercial, corporate, cargo, agricultural, and stunt pilots, among others. Pilot disability insurance is available to both individuals and groups. It covers temporary and permanent loss of pilots license, providing monthly or lump sum benefits depending on the situation.

Even if a pilot does not consider himself disabled, his ability to work depends on the employers licensing authority. A pilot may have his medical certificate suspended without much notice, in which case it is important to have pilot disability insurance in order to compensate for his potential income loss.

Who Needs Pilots Disability Insurance?

Professional pilots including, but not limited to:

- Commercial pilots

- Corporate pilots

- Cargo pilots

- Air ambulance pilots

- Crop duster pilots

- Firefighter pilots

- Heavy lift pilots

- Helicopter pilots

- Charter operators

- Agricultural aviators

- Stunt pilots

- Test pilots

Why Do You Need Pilots Disability Insurance?

  • Provides income protection
  • Ensures source of income in loss of license situations
  • Offers career ending benefit to compensate for loss of future income
  • Provides lump sum benefit in case of permanent loss of license

PLL Pilots Loss of License

Underwriters: Lloyd's
  • If you are grounded as a result of an insured sickness or injury, benefits may pay up to 60 months
  • Monthly benefit amounts of $500 to $25,000 per month
  • Lump sum benefit for permanent loss of license
  • Career ending benefit
Plan Highlights
  • Terrorism Rider

Facts and Important Things to Know:

  • Multi trip insurance helps you to save cost
  • Provides you with better coverage
  • Is easier to manage the policy and less paper work
  • Involves less efforts as an umbrella policy cover you for whole year also

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