What are the Best Visitors Insurance Plans?

What are the Best Visitors Insurance Plans?

Scouring the Internet for visitors health insurance for your parents or relatives overseas? Do you find yourself caught in an online time-suck discovering more about visitors travel insurance than you could ever want to know but still ending up confused about which plan offers the best health insurance for visitors? We can help clear things up.

Visitors Medical Insurance plans are designed to protect foreigners from incurring major medical expenses while visiting the U.S. Paying a smaller fee upfront for comprehensive medical coverage can save you from facing thousands of dollars in medical bills if you're injured. Travel medical insurance (a generic term that includes visitors insurance) like this is especially important when you're visiting a country like the United States where medical care costs are very high.

Does the Perfect Visitors Insurance Plan Exist?

Unfortunately there's no such thing as the perfect travel insurance plan You'll likely find plans that offer a lot of the protections you and your travel companions need, but one specific travel insurance plan is unlikely to satisfy all your needs. The good news, though, is that many plans have waivers and riders that may allow you to be exempt from a usual requirement or to add additional benefits like Adventure Sports insurance and medical evacuation coverage.

Something else to consider is the travel insurance plan premium cost. Cheap travel insurance, (i.e. the travel insurance with a low premium), will usually have higher deductibles and more limited coverage. A more comprehensive visitors insurance option, will likely have a higher premium but lower deductible.

Choosing the Best Visitors Insurance Plan

Assess your health, consider your age, think about how long you'll be in the U.S. for and also what types of activities you're likely to participate in. If you're young, in good health, staying in the States for a week or less, and are mostly just planning to relax on the beach and do some shopping, a limited coverage plan might be just fine for you. You'll save yourself some money right away with the cheaper premium and have some coverage in case of unexpected emergencies.

However, if you're older, or in poor health, or likely to partake in more adventurous activities, a comprehensive plan might be the way to go. Yes, you'll be paying a higher premium, but you're likely to have many more benefits and your deductible should be lower.

Trust VisitorsCoverage for Visitors Insurance

Finally, you'll want to purchase your visitors travel insurance from an insurance company or travel insurance comparison site you can trust. Don't be shy about asking around among friends about their personal experiences with travel insurance and travel insurance companies.

At VisitorsCoverage, we only offer top-rated travel insurance plans from reputable insurance companies. We give travelers like you a way to easily research, compare and purchase travel insurance online. If you have any questions or need help deciding on a plan, our Customer Success Team is happy to help.