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What to Do in Costa Rica in the Off Season

What to Do in Costa Rica in the Off Season

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise located in Central America to the north of Nicaragua and the South of Panama. Every year the country draws an estimated average of 1.7 million visitors. This is not all that surprising as Costa Rica offers one of the most unique travel experiences you’ll ever have, no matter when you decide to make the trip.                                

The most popular time to go to Costa Rica is between December and April, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best time. Visiting Costa Rica in the off season might just be even more magical.

What is the Off Season in Costa Rica? 

The term off season refers to a country’s least-visited time of year. In Costa Rica this means May through Mid-December. Off season in Costa Rica is marked by fewer crowds and greater chances of precipitation. This doesn’t mean that it rains all the time during this period; it doesn’t even mean that rain is necessarily likely. September through October is generally considered the rainy season. 

8 Things to Do In Costa Rica on the Off Season

Visit San José, the capital of Costa Rica

From Victorian mansions and museums, including the famous gold museum, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Costa Rica culture during the day. And later, you can hit the town for some of the best food and most energizing nightlife you’ll ever have.

Check out one of Costa Rica’s national parks

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful national parks. When you visit during the off season, you’ll have the run of the national parks. Feel like an adventurous hike? How about one that involves the jungle and volcanoes? Arsenal National Park is the place for you. For a more relaxed sightseeing walk, head over to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Snorkel and fish

From October through May of every year, Costa Rica becomes one of the best places in the world to fish and explore the wide variety of marine life. This makes it an ideal place for fishermen and snorkelers alike.  

Experience peak Pura Vida

When you visit Costa Rica, one thing you’ll see is the phrase ‘pura vida’, which translates to pure life. But Pura Vida is so much more than just a phrase. For the people of Costa Rica, it’s a motto. It reminds everyone in the country, whether locals or tourists, to live life to the fullest by slowing down and enjoying life’s little pleasures. Since you’re not competing with tourists for amenities or getting caught up in the hullabaloo of visitors, the off season in Costa Rica is an opportunity to do just that.  

Celebrate Virgen de los Angeles Day

If you’re in Costa Rica on August 2, treat yourself to an amazing cultural experience. Every August 2, Costa Rica celebrates one of their biggest religious holidays: Virgen de los Angeles Day in Cartago. Stay in Cartago to revel in the celebrations and drink from the stream by the Basilica, which is said to have curative properties. 

Take unbeatable photos of the Rio Celeste Waterfall

The sometimes-challenging trail, which involves uneven terrain and stairs, will be worth it once you see your eyes on the Tenorio National Park’s Rio Celeste Waterfall. The fall plunges 98 feet into the bluest water you’ll ever see.  

Visit Aviarios del Caribe: Sloth Sanctuary

This sanctuary has a mission to rescue, protect and rehabilitate the most adorable slowpokes known to man: Sloths. Here, you can watch the sloths play in a safe environment while learning all about them.

Enjoy the topiaries at Parque Francisco Alvarado

Zarcero is Costa Rica’s topiary town. Just an hour’s drive from San José, this mountain boasts one of the most magical topiary parks you’ll ever see. From elephants and dinosaurs to intricate arches, you’ll be amazed at what the town’s topiary artist can do. 

5 Reasons You Should Visit Costa Rica on the Off Season

The reasons to visit Costa Rica are endless and some are very specific and personal for each traveler. However, there’s a special case to be made for visiting Costa Rica in the off season. Here are just a few reasons why it’s the best time to visit Costa Rica.  

Costa Rica resorts will offer better deals

With fewer people vying for the best hotels and flights, the off season offers travelers a chance to book the accommodations they want most for the best price possible. In order to address the challenge of fewer visitors in Costa Rica, you will likely find Costa Rica package deals that bundle flights and hotels.     

Costa Rica weather during Green Season

There’s a reason the off season is also called the Green Season. While there is, indeed, a lot of rain, particularly from September through October, the rainforests are never more lush or vibrant than they are during the off season. Temperatures are also a few degrees cooler than the 90 degree average. 

Beaches in Costa Rica are less crowded

Less-crowded beaches mean that you’ll have the pick of beach amenities and views. With less competition for the sun and the waves, you can have the perfect beach day in Costa Rica. 

Waterfalls are at their best

More rain increases water flow, which makes the off season the perfect time to explore the wondrous beauty of Costa Rica’s waterfalls. For an extraordinary experience visit Rincon de la Vieja where you can take Instagram-worthy photos of four of the most beautiful falls in the country. 

Primetime for nesting turtles

While turtle nesting happens year-round in Costa Rica, your best chance of spotting these adorable creatures is during the off season. So, if turtles have a special place in your heart, Costa Rica’s off-season has your number. 

Costa Rica is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Whether you go during peak season or on the off season, there’s plenty of things to do and see. If you’re ready for your Costa Rica adventure, it’s a good idea to protect your trip investment with trip insurance. The experts at VisitorsCoverage can answer any travel insurance questions you have.

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