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Road Trip Inspiration for Post-lockdown Travel

Road Trip Inspiration for Post-lockdown Travel

During the height of the pandemic when we were staying safe in our own homes, you probably thought about where you’d go, who you’ll see first, and what you’ll do once the pandemic is over. As shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders are lifted, a lot of us are looking for COVID-safe ways we can venture out. Rather than visiting a resort, a crowded amusement park or another densely populated region that could expose you to unnecessary harm, consider taking a simple road trip to visit the family you haven’t seen in months or get back in touch with Mother Nature.

See the Family and Friends You Have Missed

You may be eager to visit your loved ones. This is understandable and, in some ways, doable, but precautions should still be taken. Prior to traveling to see them, you need to ensure that (a) they are not located in a hotspot as discussed above, and (b) they are not showing signs of COVID-19. 


The CDC has released a full list of COVID-19 symptoms. They also have an automated, self-checker that each of your loved ones can use to determine whether they exhibit symptoms and may test positive. You should be aware of common symptoms which can range from cough to loss of taste or smell. 


If it is known that the people you plan to visit previously had COVID-19, then you should ensure they have properly disinfected their home. Here are some common questions and answers regarding disinfecting living spaces and vehicles. 


It is important you still maintain a standard of cleanliness, even if no one you visit is known to have contracted COVID-19. You can do so by frequently washing your hands. It is also necessary to handle purchased goods that have been brought into the home with gloves and disinfecting wipes. 


If trips to the store need to be made, keep your elders and those with weakened immune systems home. You should take face masks, gloves and wipes with you to where you need to shop. If you decide to shop for clothing, then handle all clothing with gloves at the store and keep it inside its bag until you can wash it at home. 

Get to Know the Great Outdoors

Social distancing is still the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as of May 2020. That makes the outdoors the best place to spend some time. While you should keep 6-feet apart from other people, it is safe to go on a hike, lay on a beach, or observe some birds. If you have been looking for a time to unplug and unwind, this is it. Just be sure to take your gloves, mask and a travel-size packet of wipes, just in case you accidentally find yourself in a crowded area. 


Here are some ideas to spur your road trip inspiration in the coming months:


  • Visit a national park
  • Relax at the beach
  • Go on a hike 
  • Do yoga in a park
  • Find a good spot for a picnic
  • Get some fishing done
  • Go rock-climbing
  • Swim at a lake
  • Take a boat out on the water
  • Check if nearby botanical gardens or zoos are open
  • Simply go for a drive with the windows down
  • Take a good book and a blanket to a park


No matter what you choose to do outdoors or use as inspiration for your travel, it is still important to have a bag with necessities that will keep you away from crowds. Going on a road trip is your current most viable option for travel. That said, you don’t have to drive far to have a fun time. If you’re more than 90 miles away from home, then trip insurance can cover hazards along the way.  Contact our Customer Success Team to find out how trip and travel insurance can make your post-pandemic travels as safe as they are exciting.


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