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Memorial Day Weekend Trip Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend Trip Ideas

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with travel options becoming easier to navigate, families and friends are finally getting together. While some of us are planning cookouts, beach outings, and pool parties, others are looking to stay close to home or enjoy the outdoors by going hiking or camping with our immediate family. 

Enjoy the Water Without the Beach

If you’re envisioning a Memorial Day celebration on the water but don’t want to be amongst the crowds at the beach, you have a number of options available to you. Every state in the nation has at least one natural lake, with the exception of Maryland (though there are several reservoirs in the Old Line State). So odds are, several no matter where you live in the U.S., you have access to some type of body of water.

To experience nature from the water’s surface, consider kayaking or whitewater rafting. You’ll get a scenic view of your surroundings, plus you and your friends or family will get a workout on top of it! Whether you’re considering paddling over a tranquil lake, or gearing up to head down a rapid-filled river, consider kayaking and rafting insurance to help keep you safe. 

Or, for those who love the idea of being on a lake, but aren’t too keen on the physical demands of some sports, jet skiing is an awesome option. Like a scooter on the water, jet skis are relatively easy to operate, and are sure to make your Memorial Day celebration memorable. 

Rent a Home Away From Home

If you’re traveling to someplace new but don’t want to stay in a hotel, a vacation rental is an awesome alternative to higher-risk lodging options. However, if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that you should be ready for the unexpected. With the high price of a vacation rental, it can be wise to opt for trip insurance. If you end up having to cancel, postpone or cut your trip short unexpectedly, trip insurance plans will offer reimbursement. 

Hit the Road

There’s nothing quite like a family road trip. Whether you opt for the car-and-hotel method, or plan to rent an RV for the duration of your travels, your family will surely make memories that will last a lifetime. However, keep in mind that both car rentals and RV rentals can be a big investment and generally come with stricter cancellation policies. 

If you end up needing to cancel for a reason that’s not covered by standard trip insurance,, the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) add-on allows you to change your plans for any reason and still receive reimbursement. 

Get Back to Nature

This Memorial Day weekend, why not set up camp? Camping is a great way to relax and commune with nature. Explore a wooded trail with your spouse, take your kids fishing for the first time, roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and catch the sunrise each morning.  No matter where you decide to pitch your tent, it’s a great way to spend the long weekend. 

Take a Hike

One way to get some exercise, some sun and some family fun is simply taking a walk in the Great Outdoors. Check out the state and local parks in your area; you’re sure to find scenic hikes for every skill level. If you’re in southern California, try out the Short-Loop Trail in Joshua Tree, or for all you Manhattanites, take a break from the city and head out to Breakneck Ridge. All across the country, there are so many wonderful hikes. So stake out a spot near you.  Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll or a more rigorous climb, hiking and mountaineering insurance can keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Stay Safe this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend might just be the opportunity to celebrate, laugh and even hug loved ones we haven’t seen for a long time. But if you’re not comfortable getting together in large groups just yet, there’s no need to push yourself. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate over the long weekend.  

For those of you on the fence about whether to take a group trip or enjoy activities with a comparatively lower risk of Covid, planning ahead in case you need to cancel or change plans can make the decision easier. 

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