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Talk to a Licensed Insurance Specialist: 7:00AM - 6:00PM PT (Mon-Fri)

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Presidents Day Travel Inspiration

Presidents Day Travel Inspiration

With so much emphasis on the stress and responsibilities of being President of the United States, this Presidents Day, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how our leaders spent their time off. Imagine taking off in Air Force One and spending a few days in an exciting locale relaxing and recuperating from the constant pressures and demands of being the so-called leader of the free world. Heres a look at how some of our nation’s presidents vacationed.

George Washington: Mount Vernon, Virginia

Presidents Day is actually the day we celebrate the birthday of our very first president, George Washington. Though he toured the country extensively throughout his presidency, there was no place like home for Washington. His familys mansion, Mount Vernon, was built on the banks of the Potomac less than 17 miles from D.C. If you want to vacation like Washington, discover your own Virginia hideaway today.

Abraham Lincoln: Washington, D.C.

Our 16th president stayed close to the White House even on vacation. He favored a Gothic Revival house just 3 miles away. The 34-room estate became known as President Lincolns Cottage.  So if you want to vacation like Lincoln, plan a trip to Washington D.C. today.

Grover Cleveland: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Our 22nd and 24th president vacationed in Bourne, Massachusetts, a town known as the gateway to Cape Cod.  The beachfront Tudor hideaway dubbed Gray Gables served as a Cleveland family vacation home until 1903. If you want to get away like Grover, plan a Cape Cod adventure today.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Catoctin Mountain Park, Maryland

Our 32nd president found the perfect refuge from the stresses of D.C. in a compound located in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park. FDR called it Shrangri-La, but youll know it better as Camp David. If you want some R&R like FDR, find your own retreat at Catoctin Mountain Park.

Harry S. Truman: Key West, Florida

Our 33rd president wasnt a big fan of the White House. Its not surprising then that he sought refuge down south at a naval officer residence in Key West, Florida.  Feel like traveling like Truman, book your own Key West getaway today.

George Bush Sr.: Kennebunkport, Maine

Our 41st President often summered at Walkers Point Estate (the Bush compound) with his family. Located in Kennebunkport, Maine, the compound lies along the Atlantic. So if you want to be like Bush, plan a trip to Maine.

Barack Obama: Honolulu, Hawaii

Our 44th president hailed from Hawaii. So its no surprise that he and his family spent the winter holidays in Honolulu. The Obamas often rented Plantation Estate, a 5,000 square-foot house overlooking the Pacific.  So if you want a holiday like Obama, get ready to say, Aloha.

Traveling Presidentially Means Traveling Safely

While most of us will never experience the thrill of riding in a private jet to our own grand vacation homes, that doesnt mean we cant indulge in a getaway of our own. Whether youre taking advantage of a long weekend or saving your vacation days for a longer trip, trip insurance can help protect your financial investment and give you more flexibility to cancel your plans. Travel insurance is all about being prepared for the unexpected. And theres nothing more presidential than that.

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