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Film Location Inspiration for Every Type of Traveler 

Film Location Inspiration for Every Type of Traveler 

If you love movies and you love travel, imagine an itinerary that allows you to combine the best of both those worlds. We’ve got a list that will bring out the inner movie buff of every type of traveler.  

Movie Inspiration for Your Island Getaway

Avatar, Kauai, Hawaii

While it’s true that the original Avatar movie represents a breakthrough in 3-D and CGI technology, some scenes required a bit more reality. Much of the movie was filmed at Kauai’s Keahua Arboretum, a nature preserve along the Wailua River. So if you’re thinking about an island vacation, why not try Pandora, er sorry, Hawaii? 

Pirates of the Caribbean, St Vincent and Dominica

As you’d expect, much of the Pirates of the Caribbean were truly filmed in the Caribbean. The fictional Port Royal in the second and third installments of the film franchise was filmed on Wallilabou Bay on St. Vincent. So if you want to take a break from lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun, head over to the dock for some truly cinematic views. 

The Blue Lagoon, Turtle Island, Fiji

The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the most romantic movies of all time. This has to do with the ethereally beautiful setting as much as it does the chemistry between the two leads. This makes Turtle Island the perfect getaway for a honeymoon or Valentine’s Day getaway. So if you’re thinking about your next trip, why not put Fiji on the itinerary? 

Movie Inspiration for a Fantastical Vacation

Twilight, Forks, Washington

Fans of the Twilight books and movies will be delighted to know they can actually visit the place where Bella meets Edward. The small-town charm of Forks, Washington along with its cinematic history make it the perfect place for a weekend stay at a bed-and-breakfast. You can take a Twilight-themed tour. We can’t promise you’ll fall in love with any sparkly vampires, though! 

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hobbiton in Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand

Did you know fans of The Lord of the Rings books and movies can fly their way to Middle Earth? Or at least the closest you can get to the fictional world in this one. Deep in the heart of New Zealand, you can travel to Hobbiton, a town made specifically for LOTR film locations. Each year millions of fans make a pilgrimage to one of the most famous movie sets in the world to visit storied haunts like Green Dragon Inn, the Mill or Hobbit Holes. The natural beauty of New Zealand makes the long flight to get there worth it. But Hobbiton gives movie fans a little added incentive. 

Harry Potter, Oxford, England

For Harry Potter fans, Oxford might be the most important visit to make. For one, the Great Hall in the series was modeled after the Great Hall at Christ Church in Oxford. But as a bonus, the Hogwarts Infirmary was actually filmed at the Bodleian Library Divinity School there. The best part is you can plan your England trip itinerary around all the famous filming locations for the movie. London is less than a 2-hour drive from Oxford. 

Movie Inspiration for a Stay in the City

Amélie, Café des 2 Moulins in Paris

Parisian cafes have a reputation among tourists for being the height of sophistication. But to foreign film and rom-com enthusiasts alike, Cafe des 2 Moulins is a bit more than that. It was featured in the international hit Amelie as the workplace of the adorably quirky title character. The aesthetically pleasing awning is the perfect place to snag a photo op and inside the cafe, at 15 Rue Lepic, you’ll recognize paintings from your favorite scenes.  

When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s Deli, New York

It’s no secret New York City is a treasure trove of filming locations. From the iconic Ghostbusters scene in the New York Public Library, to the romantic final scene atop the Empire State Building in Sleepless in Seattle. In fact, one of the most popular romantic comedies of all time, When Harry Met Sally, had its most-talked about scene here. The often quoted scene inside NYC’s legendary Katz’s Deli has attracted millions of tourists. The deli even pointed out where Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were sitting, so that movie buffs could have an even bigger thrill. So the next time you’re in New York, stop by and have what Sally had. Spoiler: it wasn’t one of Katz’s iconic pastrami on ryes, but rather a simple turkey sandwich on white bread.  

Harry Potter, King’s Cross Station in London 

The film settings for this series are so iconic, we have to mention it again. You don’t even have to be a Harry Potter fan to know how to get to Hogwarts. That’s how iconic the book series and films are. But did you know that there’s an actual portal to Platform 9-and-three-quarters at King’s Cross Station in London? Okay so ‘actual’ may be a bit of a stretch. You can’t really go through the brick wall to enter the magical world, but you can get plenty of amazing photos. 

Lights, Camera, Travel Insurance?  

Okay, so travel insurance isn’t exactly glamorous. But then again, neither is coming back from your dream vacation with a pile of unexpected medical bills. Wherever your movie-loving heart takes you, travel insurance can help make sure you get there safely. Have questions on whether trip insurance or travel medical insurance is right for you? Our Customer Success Team is happy to help. If you’d rather just read up a little more on your travel safety options, VisitorsCoverage has you covered. 

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