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Talk to a Licensed Insurance Specialist:

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7:00AM - 6:00PM PT (Mon-Fri) Closed

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Cruise Insurance

Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Travel Insurance

Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Travel Insurance

For many travelers, a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is usually one of the most expensive trips a traveler can take, but it can get far more expensive if any mishaps happen, while you are away from the mainland at sea. As with anything else, there are risks. Being prepared to handle those risks is where a travel insurance plan comes into play.

The SafeCruise plan, offered exclusively by VisitorsCoverage, provides all the necessary coverage essential for cruise-goers to mitigate the unique risks posed by cruise travel. Compare plans for your vacation on our cruise insurance page.

Avoid Buying Cruise Line Insurance

Do not be tempted to buy the cruise lines brand of insurance as these products are generally heavily weighted in favor of the cruise line. They may provide very little coverage and rarely pay cash benefits. They also may not cover your medical, evacuation, or pharmacy drug costs, but a travel insurance plan will.

Medical Emergencies Cant always Be Handled Onboard a Cruise

Modern cruise ships have medical facilities and staff on board, but their facilities are limited to treating the common ailments and injuries. If you have a serious medical need, they will expect you to seek medical care on shore. In addition, your expenses at the onboard medical facility will be added to the credit card you gave the cruise line when you boarded. No one regulates these medical charges, so if they end up being incredibly high, there’s nothing you can do except pay them.

Come Home Happy, Not Broke and Missing Your Identity

The onboard medical facilities are not designed or equipped to handle serious injuries or illnesses. If you have a heart attack or stroke, you will need an emergency medical evacuation. The cruise line is not responsible for coordinating or paying for these emergency evacuations. Without adequate travel insurance coverage, you could be facing a medical bill you cant avoid and wont be able to pay for many years. A good cruise travel insurance plan will coordinate, pay for, and transport you with a medically equipped helicopter and arrange for you to return home when you are well again.

Prevent Against Theft Onboard

Theft on a cruise ship is an unfortunate risk factor. After all, you dont need cash on the ship and you may forget to lock your wallet, credit cards, passport, or other valuables in your safe. The override key to every safe is well known by the staff because guests often forget their codes. If your wallet, drivers license, and credit cards are stolen, youre not only facing a big financial problem, but you could be facing identity theft. The cruise line is not responsible for theft onboard (dont believe us? Read the cruise line terms you agreed to), but a travel insurance plan can help you replace your passport, pay for lost items, and help you recover from identity theft.

What If You Have to Cancel or Interrupt Your Cruise?

Not all cancellations occur prior to leaving home, sometimes you have to cancel a trip in the middle – for example:your child needs medical attention or you are needed at home. A trip cancellation or interruption can mean the loss of thousands of dollars without a travel insurance plan with benefits for cancelling or interrupting your cruise. Making sure your travel insurance comes with a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) add-on means that you can cancel your trip for literally any reason and still recoup some of the costs.

To learn more about how travel insurance can help you on your next cruise, visit travel insurance for cruiseor contact our Customer Success Team.

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