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New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Travelers all over the world are planning their bucket lists for 2023. Always wanted to visit South Africa? Dreamt about climbing the Alps? Dying to catch the Northern Lights? Let 2023 be your year of unforgettable travel experiences. If you want to plot out some travel goals but don’t quite know where to start, we’ve got some travel inspiration for your New Year’s resolution 2023.     

Taking a Big Hike

Exercising is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. And it just so happens that hiking is one of the best ways to exercise. Why not combine that with your love of travel? From the Inca Trail in Peru to the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal or Samara Gorge in Greece, there are plenty of bucket list travel destinations for amazing hikes.  

Visit All Seven Continents

Ever think you might one day join the Seven Continents Club? Why not make it a reality in 2023. Maybe you live in North America, and have been to Asia, South America, Europe and Africa already.  This year might be the perfect year to cross Antarctica or Australia off your list. 

Tour Three New Cities in your Home State

Sometimes when we live in one area for too long, we can take it for granted. 2023 is a great time to experience your home state like a tourist. Pick three cities you’ve never visited and plan a couple of weekend trips. You might learn something surprisingly wonderful about your own home.  

Go Somewhere Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travel is all about creating new experiences. So in the coming year, think about a travel destination or activity you always wanted to do but were maybe a little afraid to do. That’s exactly the kind of thing you should put on your travel bucket list. So maybe you’ve got a fair amount of mountain climbing experience under your belt but you’ve never tried climbing in Europe, 2023 might just be the perfect time to tackle the Matterhorn.   

Travel Solo

The new year is a time for self-reflections and new beginnings. And solo travel offers the perfect opportunity to get a little introspective. Traveling isn’t just for pairs and groups. Although it might be intimidating, traveling alone can be a rewarding experience. 

Safer Travels in 2023 Start with VisitorsCoverage

Once you’ve planned your itineraries for 2023, make sure you protect your trip and yourself with trip insurance. Trip insurance gives Americans traveling abroad financial protection against trip cancellations, luggage mishaps, missed connections and even urgently needed medical care. Have any questions or need help finding the right trip insurance plan for you? The Customer Success Team at VisitorsCoverage is here to help.     

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