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Why Now Is the Best Time To Book Holiday Travel

Why Now Is the Best Time To Book Holiday Travel

The crisp air, the scent of pine trees, snowball fights, sleigh rides, family togetherness, cozy curl-ups by a fire. Don’t let the scent of pumpkin spice fool you. Winter wonders are closer than you think. If you’re planning epic holiday trips for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, now is the perfect time to book.

If you’re dreaming of a memorable Thanksgiving or winter holiday trip, start planning and book early. Let’s explore all the reasons why you want to book your holiday trips early.

Book Ahead of the Crowd

Winter holiday spots are popular. If you book holiday travel now, you’ll get the best places. Plus, many people look for travel insurance as the holidays near.

It’s wise to choose yours early. Need options?

Early Birds Save More

Plan early and you might save money. Deals can come at any time and if you start watching the price trends now, you’re more likely to grab a great deal on your holiday trips.

Enjoy a Wide Selection

Early planners have more choices. You can pick from the best places to stay. You also get to choose the insurance that fits you best.

Relax and Look Forward

Once you’ve booked your place and insurance, you can chill. Think about the fun stuff, like places to visit. You won’t have to stress about last-minute bookings.

Flexibility is Key

Booking in October often means you can change plans if needed. Whether it’s ideal holiday travel dates or insurance details, early bookings are more flexible.

Avoid Price Hikes

Prices might rise as holidays get closer. Book now and you’ll pay today’s prices. It’s a smart way to avoid paying more later.

Plan with Confidence

Booking your stay and insurance at the same time helps you plan better. You’ll know you’re covered and can focus on other trip details.

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The Best Time To Book Trips For the Winter Holidays

So, now we know now is a great time to think about booking holiday travel. But let’s take it one step further. Let’s take a look at the best times to plan and book your trips for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  

1. When Does Thanksgiving Travel Start?

Typically, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year in the U.S. This means that if you want to head out on that day, you definitely need to get ahead of the holiday rush.

Prime Booking Window: Secure your Thanksgiving flights between 3 to 4 weeks before the holiday. This sweet spot can offer savings that will leave you grateful.

Savings Spotlight: On average, travelers can pocket around $25 when booking within this timeframe.

Pro Tip: Avoid the rush and escalating prices in the final fortnight leading up to Thanksgiving.

2. When Does Christmas Travel Start?

Christmas travel is a little more varied than Thanksgiving Travel. But keep in mind that domestic travel and international travel are going to pick up the closer we get to the big day.

Prime Booking Window: Christmas cheer comes early for those who book their flights 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Savings Spotlight: Early birds can enjoy an average saving of $30, leaving more for those Christmas gifts.

Pro Tip: As the carols get louder, so do the flight prices. Steer clear of last-minute bookings.

3. When Does New Year’s Travel Start?

The timeframes for when New Year’s travel starts are just as varied as they are for Christmas. Some people who traveled for Christmas might stay put until after the new year. While others might be on their way back home. You can expect travel will start to pick up the day after Christmas.

Prime Booking Window: Welcome the New Year with savings by booking your flight 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Savings Spotlight: Celebrate potential savings of up to $20 by planning ahead.

Pro Tip: As the countdown begins, flight prices soar. Book early to avoid the New Year price hike.

4. When Does Kwanzaa Travel Start?

Kwanzaa, celebrated from December 26th to January 1st, is a time when many may travel to gather with family and honor their African heritage. While not as heavy in travel volume as Thanksgiving or Christmas, Kwanzaa still sees a fair amount of travelers.

Prime Booking Window: To join in Kwanzaa celebrations, aim to book your flights at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Savings Spotlight: Booking within this period can lead to modest savings, perfect for allocating towards festive celebrations and gifts.

Pro Tip: With Kwanzaa following Christmas, consider booking your travel to cover both holidays, potentially reducing costs and avoiding the rush.

5. When Does Diwali Travel Start?

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, typically occurs between mid-October and mid-November. It’s a peak time for travel in India, as people return home to celebrate with family.

Prime Booking Window: For Diwali, it’s advisable to book your flights at least 5 to 6 weeks in advance due to the high demand, especially if you’re traveling to or within India.

Savings Spotlight: Those who plan early can enjoy significant savings, as last-minute fares during Diwali can be quite expensive.

Pro Tip: Diwali dates change every year based on the lunar calendar, so keep an eye on the calendar and book as soon as your dates are fixed to get the best deals.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance?

So once you’ve put your holiday trips together and made all the arrangements. There’s just one last thing to consider before your travel prep is done: Trip insurance (for U.S. residents only) or travel insurance (for any international traveler). Here’s when you should get it:

  • Right After Booking: It’s smart to get insurance as soon as you book. That way you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if anything unexpected happens during your trip.
  • For Health Concerns: If you have health issues, buy insurance early. Some plans might cover these if you buy right after booking. Remember, though, it’s important to read the policy documentation and confirm that what you need covered will actually be covered by your plan before you buy it.
  • Before Unexpected Events: Travel insurance is about planning for unexpected events. It offers financial coverage for things like trip disruptions, urgent medical care, or inclement weather.

You never know when these things might happen. When the holiday travel surge meets harsh winter weather, it increases the chances of trip interruptions.

And that means you’ll be very glad you bought travel insurance ahead of time. If you don’t have travel insurance and experience costly trip disruptions or injuries, it’s too late to get it. Travel insurance is designed to protect you from the unexpected.

  • Before Full Payment: Some wait for insurance until they pay for the trip. But early insurance often has better options.
  • Before Departure: You can buy insurance up to the day before you leave. But earlier is usually better.

Wherever you’re headed during the holidays, we wish you peace of mind, plenty of comfort, and a lot of joy. And remember, VisitorsCoverage has the coverage you need to feel safe and secure.