Trip Insurance Vs Travel Medical Insurance

Travel insurances is a broad term used for insurance that provides travel coverage.
Typically travel insurance can be broadly categorized in to two categories:

Trip Insurance (Protection for financial losses due to Unexpected Trip related issues)

Medical Insurance (Protection for Health related Issues)

Let’s now understand the difference between Trip Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance usually refers to trip cancellation insurance coverage. Trip insurances protect you against financial losses suffered due to unexpected trip related situations like trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, missed flight connection, baggage loss, rental car coverage etc.

Specific features and benefits may vary from plan to plan. Some plans might cover only for trip cancellation, and not trip delay or interruption. Some other plans have similar coverage but not all of the features. These are usually for a short duration of a trip for up to 30 days.
Recommended and useful if there is any potential risk involved that may cause change in your travel plan, like travelling with kids, or seniors, travelling in unpredictable natural disaster risky areas, war zone etc.

Learn more about Travel Trip Insurance coverage.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance plans are protection for unforeseen health issues met while you are traveling; which includes sickness, injuries, and accidents. These plans cover expenses for medical treatment, medical evacuation, accidental death repatriation, etc while traveling. This is also referred to as visitor insurance, visitor medical insurance, travel health insurance or overseas travel insurance.

Recommended – for traveling abroad or unknown foreign places where risk to exposed health issues are higher.  Example: traveling to Africa for a Safari trip where cost for medical care is expensive: example – Foreigners visiting USA

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