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Can I Travel to Aruba Without a Passport?

Can I Travel to Aruba Without a Passport?

Are you dreaming of a tropical getaway to Aruba? Whether you’re planning ahead for 2024 or looking for last-minute travel deals to Aruba, it’s important to know the travel requirements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about traveling to Aruba, including whether you need a passport or visa, and why investing in travel insurance is a smart move.

Do You Need a Passport to Travel to Aruba?

As of March 2024, Aruba has introduced a new pilot program allowing people to travel to Aruba without a passport under certain conditions. This initiative aims to make travel more accessible and convenient.

Aruba’s No-Passport Pilot Program

According to the new program, people from many nations can travel to Aruba using their Aruba Happy One Pass (AHOP). This app converts all physical paperwork into digital, valid copies instead of a physical passport. So, technically, you still need a passport to travel to Aruba, just not a physical one. This initiative is part of Aruba’s efforts to boost tourism by simplifying entry requirements. However, this program is still in its early stages, and travelers are advised to check the latest updates before planning their trip.

Long story short, keep your passport on hand as you might not need a physical copy through the pilot program for entry, but it could come in handy. Regardless of your nationality, all visitors must have a valid passport to enter Aruba, physical or otherwise.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay to avoid any issues.

Interestingly enough, travelers to the U.S. have pre-clearance when traveling from Aruba. That means, if you go through the U.S. Customs & Border Protection facility in Aruba, once you are back in the United States, you won’t have to go through the hassle of immigration and customs again. Regardless, you will still need your passport throughout your entire journey.

Do You Need a Visa to Travel to Aruba?

For most travelers, you can visit Aruba for up to 30 days as a tourist without the need of a visa. Tourists can also apply for an extension of stay up to 180 days per year during their visit.

U.S. citizens may stay in Aruba for up to 90 days as tourists.

Travel Requirements to Aruba

To ensure a hassle-free trip to Aruba, you should do the following:

  • Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your stay. Even if you are not required to have your physical passport for entry, you will need it to for your return trip.
  • ED Card: Complete the Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card online before you arrive in Aruba. This is a mandatory form that collects basic travel and health information.
  • Travel Insurance: While not mandatory for a stay of under 30 days, having travel insurance is highly recommended.

The following documents may also be required to enter Aruba:

  • Proof of a ticket home or onward.
  • Valid visa, re-entry permit, or residence permit to return back to your country of origin.
  • Proof of a valid accommodation reservation in Aruba or proof of property ownership.
  • Proof of financial means to provide for hotel and living expenses for length of stay in Aruba.
  • Required vaccinations and certificate of proof may be required for citizens of certain countries in Africa, Latin America, and Central America.

Is Travel Insurance Required for Aruba?

Travel insurance is required if you request an extension of your tourist stay in Aruba beyond the 30-day stay maximum.

All tourists who apply for an extension of their stay beyond 30 days are required to obtain travel insurance that offers medical coverage that is valid for the entirety of their stay in Aruba.

Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential part of any travel plan, especially when visiting a foreign country. It provides peace of mind by covering unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I travel to Aruba without a passport?

Yes, U.S. citizens meeting specific criteria can travel to Aruba without a passport under the new pilot program launched in March 2024. Regardless, you will need your passport for entry, so keep it on hand.


Is Aruba safe to travel to?

Yes, Aruba is considered a safe destination for tourists. It has a low crime rate and is known for its friendly locals and well-maintained tourist areas.


What do I need to travel to Aruba?

You need a valid passport, a completed ED card, and it’s highly recommended to have travel insurance.


Do I need travel insurance to travel to Aruba?

As of July 2022, all travelers are no longer required to have travel medical insurance for a stay shorter than 30 days. However, to extend your trip beyond 30 days, you must have proof of travel medical insurance. 


Why buy travel insurance to Aruba if it is not required?

Accidents can happen at any time. It is always better to be prepared, especially when coverage can cost a fraction of the cost you would otherwise have to pay if you face a medical emergency uninsured.


Do I need a visa to travel to Aruba?

For most travelers, a visa is not required for stays of up to 30 days in Aruba (with the ability to apply for an extension of up to 180 upon entry). U.S. citizens are permitted to stay in Aruba for up to 90 days.


Can you travel to Aruba without a passport?

No, you cannot travel to Aruba without a passport. A valid passport is required for entry.


What documents do I need to travel to Aruba?

You need a valid passport and a completed ED card. Travel insurance is also recommended for added protection.


Is it safe to travel to Aruba in 2024?

Yes, Aruba remains a safe destination for travelers in 2024. Always stay updated on travel advisories and local guidelines for the latest information.


What are the travel requirements to Aruba from the US?

US travelers need a valid passport, a completed ED card, and it’s advisable to have travel insurance.


What do I need to travel to Aruba from the US?

A valid passport, a completed ED card, and travel insurance are recommended.

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Traveling to Aruba is an exciting adventure, but it’s important to be prepared. Ensure you have a valid passport, complete your ED card, and consider investing in travel insurance to protect yourself.

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