SafeCruise Insurance Plan Provides Necessary Coverage for Cruise-Goers

More travelers than ever are considering cruise travel for their international adventures, with more than 30 million passengers expected to set sail in 2019. From Canada to the Caribbean, Madrid to the Mediterranean, cruise travel offers a unique way to see the world, and with all-inclusive packages, adventure activities and themed excursions, millennials and boomers alike are opting for this highly customizable and convenient travel method.


Just as cruises attract travelers for myriad unique reasons, they also can pose a variety of unique risks. Traveling on a ship in the open ocean means cruise-goers are more remote than they would be if on land. Because of this, coverage for emergency evacuation is crucial. If a serious injury or illness occurs that the medical staff onboard cannot treat, evacuation by helicopter could save your life.


Additionally, close proximity to other passengers and overindulgence can lead to a higher risk of illness, which onboard medical staff may not be able to treat. Medical coverage enables you to seek out treatment while on land, helping to ensure you recover as quickly as possible and enjoy the rest of your cruise vacation.


Lastly, cruises tend to be on the higher end of trip investment costs, totaling anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 per person, so you want to be absolutely sure you protect your vacation against the unexpected. Trip interruption, trip delay and trip cancellation coverage, coupled with “cancel for any reason” coverage, is a must for cruise-goers. These benefits allow you to get the most out of your vacation, knowing that if for some reason you have to cancel or your trip gets interrupted, reimbursement is possible.


For all these reasons and more, cruise-specific coverage for cruise-goers is something that should not be ignored. The SafeCruise plan offers handpicked benefits, which satisfy all the travel insurance needs of cruise passengers, giving them peace of mind to travel the sea confidently.


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