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Unbelievable Luxury Cruises for your 2023 Bucket List

Unbelievable Luxury Cruises for your 2023 Bucket List

The pandemic has kept too many would-be cruise-goers ashore. But bookings in 2023 are on the rise. As you dream up travel plans for the new year, put a cruise or two on your list. Cruises offer everything from all-you-can-eat midnight buffets, drinks, on-board entertainment like casinos or musicals, and attentive wait staff. They’re also an excellent way to experience the world. Imagine going from port to port along the French Riviera, and taking day excursions like historical tours, ATV rides, and glass boat adventures along the way. But what if you could take your 2023 cruise travel to the next level? We’ve put together a list of luxury cruises for every type of traveler.  

The Best Luxury Cruises for Couples

Whether you want to splurge on a long-overdue honeymoon or just want a romantic vacation, there are plenty of luxury cruises out there to choose from. From romantic excursions to moonlit views, couples can have the time of their lives on a luxury cruise.  

Small Luxury Cruises 

You don’t have to book a trip on a luxury ocean-liner for a first-class sailing experience. There are plenty of smaller luxury cruise lines to choose from. Enjoy a more intimate luxury experience on a small luxury cruise.    

Luxurious Scenic River Cruises 

When you think of river cruises, you might think of a quaint ride in a simple riverboat. But there are actually a few luxurious riverboat rides you can take. Whether you’re looking for upscale scenic river cruises or you want to try out one of Europe’s river cruises. 

Luxurious Weekend Cruises

Maybe you’re just looking for a little luxury for the weekend. You don’t have to splurge on a weeklong cruise for a first-class experience. There are plenty of amazing luxury cruises out there perfect for a weekend getaway.     

Luxury Cruises for Kids

Cruises aren’t just for adults. There are some great luxury cruises that cater to kids. From kid-centric menus to on-board fun, there’s so much for your little ones to do and experience, even on luxury cruises. 

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