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VisitorsCoverage Offers Travelers 24/7 Virtual Assistance

VisitorsCoverage Offers Travelers 24/7 Virtual Assistance

Part of what makes the insurtech industry so revolutionary is its customer-first approach to insurance. At VisitorsCoverage, we’re always looking for new ways to help travelers find what they need for safer travels.

VisitorsCoverage creates Luna, the travel insurance industry’s first smartbot

VC’s main goal is to assist travelers around the world. If you wake up in the middle of the night worried about claim coverage, we want to be able to address your concerns in real time. If you sustain an injury while on vacation, we want to give you immediate assistance so that the insurance claims process is the last thing on your mind. In keeping with our traveler-focused approach to insurance, we invite you to get reacquainted with our virtual assistant, Luna.  

Luna’s available 24/7 to help with your trip insurance needs in real time. Additionally, she’s a great solution for travelers with hearing impairments, travelers for whom English is a second language and any other travelers who just may prefer computer assistance to talking to a customer service representative. 

She’s also great when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Say you know you want to find out more about pre-existing conditions but don’t know where to start. By entering the keyword, “pre-existing condition” into Luna’s type-field, you’ll be able to browse information and get a clearer idea of what you need to know.  

Luna’s Best Features

Now you may be wondering how exactly our award-winning virtual assistant can help you navigate through the travel insurance-buying process. Here is a rundown of some actions and queries Luna can help you with. 

  • Get quotes

Find a travel insurance plan you like? Awesome! Luna can help you get an estimate of what your rate would be with the plan’s carrier. 

  • File claims

If you need help filing your claim, Luna can help. Just type in ‘file claim’ and she’ll walk you through the claim filing process. 

  • Find a doctor

Finding the right doctor can be challenging but Luna is here to help! With her help you’ll be able to research doctors and select the best one for you

  • Correct plan errors

Let’s say you file your claim on Monday without any issues. But the next morning you realize you put in an old address. No problem! Just enter ‘correct plans errors’’ into Luna’s type-field and you’ll find out everything you need to know to submit a corrections request.

  • Cancel & renew plans

If you need to cancel or renew your plan, Luna can help you out. Just type in the keywords of what you want to do and she’ll tell you what you need to do. So, say for example, you’re having such an amazing time visiting your family in the U.S. that you want to extend the trip. Just type in ‘renew plan’ and Luna can tell you the steps you’ll need to take to successfully renew your plan.

We know travel insurance isn’t always the easiest thing to understand. That’s why our 5-star reviewed customer service team is happy to help you navigate the uncharted territory of trip and travel insurance. Our team is on hand from 7 AM to 6 PM PST to answer your questions. Get connected with our team of licensed insurance specialists today. And when our team is not available to field your questions, you can always rely on Luna.   

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