Travel Insurance for Canada

From the CN Tower and five-star dining in Toronto to the storied street festivals of Montreal, Canada offers so much more than just maple leaves and curling events. But if you're planning a trip to Canada, healthcare can be expensive without proper coverage, so you'll want to put buying Travel Medical Insurance on top of your travel to-do list.

A typical travel insurance plan for Canada covers accidental, medical and travel emergencies during your stay in the country. Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about health insurance for Canada.

Q: Do I need travel insurance to visit Canada?

Healthcare for non-Canadian residents can be expensive, so it's recommended that travelers buy a travel insurance policy with comprehensive coverage for their trip to that country, including stay and travel within Canada.

Q: Are visitors covered by Canada's healthcare program?

No, the Canadian national universal health coverage is only for Canada citizens and lawful residents.

Q: Can I buy insurance for my parents visiting Canada?

Yes, you can complete the application on behalf of your parents and make the payment using your credit card.

Q: What coverage does travel insurance provide?

The insurance policy offers coverage for sickness, illness, injury or accidents that occur while you are traveling to Canada. The insurance also provides comprehensive medical and non-medical expense emergency coverage.

Q: Does insurance cover international athletes traveling to Canada for sporting activities?

Q: It depends on what kind of policy you purchase. You may check beforehand whether the policy offers you coverage for any adventurous sports activities, such as ice hockey, skating, or skiing. If you have any specific needs, please contact our Customer Success Team and we'll help you get the right coverage.

Q: Are senior citizens planning to visit relatives in Canada covered by travel insurance?

Any non-Canadian citizen traveling to Canada will be covered as per the insurance policy terms and conditions.

Q: I live in Canada. Can travel insurance cover my visiting parents?

Yes and it's highly recommended that seniors and parents buy international travel insurance for Canada. Insurance for visitors to Canada may cover all health and travel expenses incurred during the trip, including emergency evacuations, hospital bills, flight accidents, trip interruption, etc. Making sure you have travel insurance for parents will give everyone involved peace of mind.

Q: Can I get more help picking the right travel insurance for Canada?

VisitorsCoverage specializes in international travel insurance. If you have any specific questions about travel insurance for Canada, reach out to our Customer Success Team and we'll help you find the right plan.